Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coronado 2014

Ahhhhhhhh I'm wanting to write, yet I'm already speechless.
Our Coronado vacation was perfect.
Drum up everything that would go into a perfect vacation- the people, the activities, the food, the place- and you have our 10 days in Coronado.
So that leaves all my words feeling insufficient to sum up the feelings I have.

First off- travel schedule.
Friday night:
 kids and I arrived.
Desai's+ Harrison arrived.
Yosh arrived.
Hailey arrived.

Chelsi and baby Miles arrived.
Beverly+ kids arrived.
Yosh left.

Desai's & Bev left

Yosh arrived.
Chelsi Hansen+ kids + Owen Peterson arrived (super late)

Derek arrived.
Chelsi Baker almost left buuuuuut…
got an extra day!

Chelsi+ Miles left

Chelsi/Derek left.

Yosh/I/kids left.
Hailey left.

Lots of people were coming and going, mixing up the dynamic, which kept the whole 10 days fresh and exciting. The weekends were a bit more intense with more visitors and during the week was more of a calm routine. This balance is exactly how I like things!

*Beach beach and more beach.
The weather was perfect. And we all know California is hit and miss as far as beach weather goes, so I was feeling like we won the lottery.
The boys loved boogie boarding and looking in the rocks for ocean treasures. I loved riding the waves. Chelsi Hansen graced me with her company on one or two of the wave riding sessions!
*And after beach…pool and hot tub!
We had accèss to the amenities at Hotel del Coronado and that was beyond perfect.
*Beach cruising- dare I say BY FAR the favorite activity? So much so we rented bikes twice. I'm telling you life would be simpler and cheaper if we just bought a beach house and our own cruisers! Haha! We would have done a bike ride everyday if renting them wasn't involved. But the days we did rent them, we took advantage. We were gone for a couple hours at a time, twice a day. I've dreamed of doing this as a family. I wasn't a bit disappointed and neither were the kids. Or the Chelsi's. I'm totally speaking for them, but I'm feeling ok about the statement!
*Hansen/Desai dinner and a movie date night. We ate at an Indian restaurant and then went to the movie "100 Mile Journey". It was good….even though I would feel so dishonest if I didn't admit I fell asleep during it! I was tired and we all know what happens when I get tired-- I go to sleep. Wherever I am. When we came out of the theater, holy moly I was wondering where the heck we were! We were in the Gas Light District in San Diego but I kid you not there were pedi cabs all lit up, some had disco balls in them. There were people EVERYWHERE. It was packed. You could have told me we'd been transported to India itself and I would have believed you.
*Chelsi Baker, Dallin, Porter, Deeter, and I went to a Padres/Rockies game. And I feel un poco sheepish mentioning this but 2 1/2 months later they're still on my mind…
the BBQ try tip nachos. I mean, just typing that made my jaw drop and mouth water. Not even kidding. They are incredible. I would go to a Padres game for the nachos.
*The Temple- Chelsi and I had a date.
*The Cottage- now not every restaurant we went to is getting a shout out. But The Cottage is. Chels and I went after the temple. And ordered everything on the menu because a) we were starving and b)were totally living by the excuse that this might be the only time we ever come. But…..Saturday after taking Chelsi to the airport, we had a Hansen/Hansen couples date at…The Cottage. Not a thing disappointed. It's in La Jolla. It's good.
*The San Diego Zoo- Chelsi and I went with our kids. It's a fun zoo! a must-go every trip? No. But every second or third trip? Sure, why not.
*The house was perfect. Perfectly quaint. Perfectly located ( big kids could walk to beach/pool alone and they loved that freedom) next to The Del. And to Bruegger's bagel and La Salasa-- where I would buy a fountain DC everyday and help myself to free refills throughout the day. MONEY. We walked to get ice cream, to the grocery store, to rent bikes, etc etc. It had plenty of room to accommodate all of us, it was perfect!

I guess that sums it up in quite a few words, I know! But part of me feels like I could talk about this trip forever. I loved reconnecting with so many people while doing the things I love the most! And shout out to Nanny Hailey-- that might have elevated the vacation the most!

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