Wednesday, October 1, 2014

If I Won the Lottery

"If I won the lottery"

Golly a couple options come to mind.

1) I would make Yosh quit his job and I would get a job. High school English teacher. (Is there somewhere I can just BUY teacher certification too? Kidding, kidding!)

2) I would hire a teacher and we would do a traveling home school. Like us parents, too. History class? We're hitting up DC and Gettysburg and all the other important cites. English class? Take me to the streets of London, or to a cafe in Paris, and let's all write. Shoot and I'd probably need to spend some money on having the kids' friends come and visit every now and then because, heaven help us, I love spending time with my kids and my kids love spending time with us and we're a happy family…for about three days, maybe four. And then we need diversity.Yes, there would need to be a "friend" budget.

3) Travel, travel, travel. Current travel wish list:
St. Thomas
Boston Marathon
Seaside, FL
road trip through West Virginia while listening to John Denver
Costa Rica
 always Hawaii
like maybe once every three months Hawaii

4) I would hire a photographer to candidly shoot our day-to-day lives and then organize it all in a keepsake book.

That's a good start!
Only problem is….
I've never bought a single lottery ticket.
And I don't see that changing anytime soon.
So I need to come up with a solid plan B because all these ideas I wrote out sound like must-happens.

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