Friday, August 29, 2014

I Workout!

So at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 I was really having the itch to do something hard and stick to it. I was feeling the need for a renewal in confidence. I wanted to do something that would span over a period of time and give me the opportunity to sharpen certain characteristics: stick-to-it-iveness, failing and jumping back on the band wagon, consistency.

I'm a lover of fitness and decided to do this 16 week program with Shane Huegly. His online service provided my nutrition and workouts for the whole time period. I sent him weekly progress pics and texted/emailed him any immediate questions I had. The accountability was just what I needed to keep going when I had had a crappy week. The nutrition and workouts were catered to me. I had to google exercises and I loved finally feeling like I was learning and understanding working out. The nutrition aspect provided a solid ideal which I had always lacked, leaving me continuously second guessing decisions.

Here are my before pics: 

A couple of things that helped me stay on track:
I was very clear on my goals. Although this was a physically driven challenge, I wasn't necessarily looking for physical results. I wanted to keep on keeping on more than anything! I wanted to create a healthier relationship with food and how I fuel my body. In January, I had written down my motivation to fuel better after having dabbled in clean eating for the past few months and being astonished by the changes that came from that. It said,

"My goal is to be happy.
My motivation is happiness.
I want to do/eat things that in the long run keep my energy up and my feelings positive.
I want to avoid eating/doing things that sidetrack me from spending time or energy away from my family."

These thoughts were written down because of my personal interactions with choices. Ie: eating tons of ice cream messes with my hormones and leaves me sad and without ambition. I was shocked to make this connect, but once I did, Wow…isn't not wanting to feel that way a natural motivation to not do those things?!!

Anyway, all this to say, I was far from perfect on the assigned program. On the workout portion, I was pretty dang close! I love working out and loved feeling so deliberate in my workouts. 
On the nutrition end, I did REALLY good for about three weeks. I wanted to follow it closely for a while to prove to myself that I could do hard things. After that I was a lot more flexible and was more reliant on the note I had written myself about my goal and motivations. I didn't want this program to become an enslaving diet, a standard of success and failure. Most people who follow the nutrition program I was given are preparing for body building shows or have very pointed physical goals (i.e.: a 6 pack.) I was very good at reminding myself those weren't my goals. I learned to be a lot more flexible and was so much kinder to myself!

The 16 weeks ended 3 months ago and I can say lifestyle changes were definitely made. Notably, my breakfasts are so different, I eat a lot more protein, I eat more often.

These are the last pictures I sent to my coach (fresh out of bed at 5 am!, can barely even open my eyes as seen!). 

I can't see a huge difference in the before and after and since pictures were our only point of reference (I didn't weigh myself or take measurements), it's good to write down the internal changes that took place!

Overall I was very happy with the results I got from this. I feel like I have a regained sense of confidence in doing the best I can and discipline and sticking to something (...the best I can! Are you seeing a reoccurring theme here?!!)

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