Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Ahhhhh I love vacation! I planned this vacay back in Septmeber and was a little skeptical about the itinerary as it had us bee-boppin around quite a bit:
~Fly into Vegas on Thursday and vacation with the whole Nancy Hansen family for 3 nights
~Drive to Palm Desert for 3 nights
~Drive to LA and stay for 1 night before flying out from LAX

I didn't know how relaxing it would be but we really wanted to make the most of being out West. And come to find out…the trip was a huge success!
Cue singing of Hallelujah.
Our kids have reached a point of sufficient independence and maturation that we were golden.
It was so reqarding seeing all our favorite people in one short week.
For the vacay recap, we sat down as a fam and hollered out memories bullet-point style. 

*Deeter got to accidentally play the iPad while in Las Vegas. Daddy said to stay in his room to play.
*The big boys loved bogus ball (aka bocci ball) in The Desert
*Dad loved our Sunday night (in the Desert) with friends by the pool with the appetizer plates.
(Mom will piggyback off this and say I loved Yosh going to the store and coming home with an array of goodies.)
*Porter loved playing with his friends Nolan, Lucas, and Arik.
*Kids picked citrus fruits on the side of the house in the Desert. Deeter told Mom, "Mom, so we went to this grocery store to get these fruits. But it was like a different kind of store. Where you pick your own fruit."
 *Porter loved seeing Mr. Walker
*Dallin loved going to BYU basketball at the Orleans. He also loved going to the other basketball game with Dad and Derek.
*The boys loved the tennis tournament. "It was awesome. I loved it."
*Big boys loved seeing cousins. And seeing friends.
*Dallin loved playing hockey with Harrison and Chander.
*Mom loved roadtripping from Las Vegas to Palm Desert. We took the back roads and traveled on Historic Route 66.
*We all loved swimming with cousins and family in Las Vegas.
*Deeter loved playing with Krewz.
*Mom loved laying out in Palm Desert.
*The big boys loved eating breakfast at Wicked Spoon.
*Dallin loved going to Bass Pro Shop with Ali.
*Mom loved our Palm Desert routine: wake up, go to the gym, cook, sit by pool until 6, babysitter came, adult/big kid dinner, and tennis.
*Dad loved throwing kids from hot tub into pool.
*Dad loved throwing football to kids and they would jump and catch it in pool. Especially remembers the time he was throwing it to Chander. Chander was running blind, had his hands out, but wasn't looking for the ball and almost got drilled in the face. It was so funny!
*Dallin loved watching Looney Tunes
*Porter got along so well with Owen Peterson and Chase Anderson
*All the boys thought Sharapova was so annoying with her grunting. Chase kept going on and on about exactly how annoying she was and Dallin finally had to call him out and give him the neck cut/stop it signal! 
*Kaia loved seeing Baby Miles.  

I'm going to leave it with these ending words:

Success. Success. Success.

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