Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He Likes Big Butts and He cannot Lie

The night had already been a thrilling one- Dallin B had taken the stage for the first time in Texas, debuting first as Mr Buckets before finishing off as the most awesome Oompa Loompa ever. And again the saying that "everything is bigger in Texas" was proven correct. The props and provided costumes were way better than anything our last performing company had brought to the table. Everything was spot on which definitely elevated the overall performance!

After the curtains closed, Dallin was greeted by his fan club. In addition to the presence of his boring mom, dad, and brother, he was also graced with having his two friends in the audience: Maddox and Kaeva. Kaeva came donning her most beautiful dress and red lips. And not to mention, she also had chocolate and flowers in hand.

It was truly a great evening!

Kaeva left with her mom and Yosh took all the boys home. En route, Maddox spilled the beans:

"My nanny says I should like Kaeva because she's going to be beeeee-uuuuuu-teeeee-ful when she grows up."

The conversation continued before Porter resolved that he couldn't unravel his confusion without some clarification.

"Wait, what?????? She's going to be butt-ful when she grows up?"

Hahahaha! Oh baby! Looks like this was the first time his ability to spell failed him!

Good times! Can't wait for the encore of Willy Wonka on Thursday night. And if luck is on our side, Porter will give us an encore of his own!

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