Monday, August 26, 2013

We just put the kids down for the night, but it didn't feel like our normal routine.
Tomorrow's the boys' first day of school at a new school.
Lots of new beginnings.
And new beginnings always seem to invite change and growth and opportunity.
Along with the above, or maybe because of the above, it also invites nerves, a case of the jitters, and a little fear.
I would argue for both parties- both the kids and the parents.
So as we the night wound down, and we talked about the start of the school year, and the boys got father's blessings, I just felt so present. And aware.
And I just hoped and prayed that my kids would find the courage to be themselves.
To be their awesome, amazing selves.
That they would be confident enough in themselves that they could also reach out and help others that maybe aren't going to be feeling all that great.

New beginnings are good.
For them and me alike.

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