Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Want to see who I'm crushing on? Introducing some homes.

Can you all please appreciate the fact that I'm here in Texas trying to do the best I can to get to know this place, and find our family a home, and act mature and responsible in front of my real estate agent because he needs to think know I'm legit? Which, truth be known, I am legit. Because I'm really good at Math and I speak fluent Spanish.

But it's just that this whole going from house to house, meeting agent after agent, acting like I'm interested in a house that I'm absolutely not...well, it all feels like museum touring to me. And guess what? I don't do museums. For more than an hour, that is. I'll give my best for an hour and then I'm out. Even at The Louvre. You know, the world famous Parisian museum? A quick round, take a peek at Mona Lisa's infamous smile, possibly one illegal flashed photo, and I'm out the door and fully satisfied.

  The same routine doesn't quite work for looking at houses and isn't that easy while being on someone else's watch. It would be rude to up and leave and disregard their hard work. And since I'm not rude...

But sometimes Christy is. Or maybe Christy just hasn't been in many an awkward situation where I introduce myself... "Hi, I'm Gay." Please note the difference between, "Hi, I'm Gay," and "Hi, I'm gay." And also please note that this difference is much more distinguishable in writing rather than speech. Trying saying the two out loud if you're needing clarification on the difference that really sounds exactly the same.

Anyway, we pulled up to a house that received an obvious two thumbs down before we even stepped foot in it. No yard, steep hills, three stories= not for me. And standing by the house was the selling agent. Pretty quickly, it could be assumed that this very well-dressed man was gay. Not just because he was well-dressed. Now me, being a veteran in this situation, I confidently walked up to him, gave a nice firm handshake and said....
You guessed it, "Hi, I'm Gay." Which caused unintentional, stifled giggles from the peanut gallery. And the conversation only got more uncomfortable {for her} as I turned around and politely fixed her necklace chain so that the clasp would find it's way to the back of her neck where it belonged.  And, as is obvious, it takes two people being in close proximity to get the necklace situation corrected. I understand how Gay could be mistaken for gay but gay people don't introduce themselves as gay, only girls named Gay. Jim didn't for one second think I was telling him I was gay. But Christy wasn't sure if he had understood that I was gay or Gay. Hence, the reoccurring humor in my name. And the sometimes reoccurring awkwardness in my name. 

But Jim didn't skip a beat, Christy pulled it together before making a fool of herself, and I couldn't understand how this situation was anything outside of normal. 

The house was terrible. We thanked him for his time. And were on our way.

You want to see my front runner in the home department after enduring the tour?
Here it is:

Love it. I've been falling for modern/contemporary homes every since we moved to LA. If it's at all in the cards, our next home will be that feel. And I wouldn't argue if our next home was this one.

Although I've Xed this next one out as a contender, make no mistake that I'm completely obsessed with it.

Fingers crossed that we find a home soon in Austin. Even if it isn't my front runner. No need to push anything. If it's meant to be, it works out. If not, there'll be another one around the corner.

 Are you a modern home lover??? Never thought I would be....but here we are.


  1. Okay, if you get a house that is anything like either one of these you posted - I'm coming to visit :) Ha! Good luck, hope you find The One soon! Oh, and don't feel bad for dipping out if you don't like the house immediately! Time is money, baby, you gotta get the show on the road! Just politely explain "Ah, thank you so much for showing me this house but I can already tell it's not the one and I only have a short time here, so let's move on to the next one." See?! Problem solved :)

    1. maybe i better hire you as my agent then, katy! and ps my lonely booty will need visitors...come and stay awhile! haha!

  2. They are all beautiful!!! Love the modern/contemporary! So fresh and so clean, clean!

  3. i'm an austinite, and every week or so i go downton for music classes, so i get a chance to see all the BEAUTIFUL homes in the hill country area. i live more north, however, but one day i hope to buy one of those modern/contemp. homes.

    (also, if you haven't been already, p. terry's is a GREAT place to stop and get a bite to eat. also johnny's java is good, as well as mozart's coffee.)

  4. Gay!!! Love that gorg house and am excited to see what you find. Love your blog!!! Xo


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