Friday, March 29, 2013

ASK GAY: LA edition

In case you're looking for a laugh this morning...
Imagine my 7 year old coming downstairs, all dressed and ready for his baseball game. I instantly notice his bulging crotch. And by bulging, I mean sticking a good 6 inches out. 
He tried telling me all the boys on his team wear cups.
I, of course, thought this was ludicrous, but then again I'm a girl and really have no idea and this is my first born child, which takes me out of the running in the experience department. When Yosh didn't answer my phone call to confirm or deny whether or not Dallin should be wearing a cup, I went with my gut and made him take it out.
He was mad and I'll let you come up with the jokes of all the things he could have called me.... Or all the male jokes I'm currently making in my mind....

Onto the session:

I have some patients who are going to LA to celebrate the graduation of a daughter from culinary arts school.  I was wondering if you could give me a list of restaurants that are great and the price range, as well as fun stuff to go see.

Oh Los Angeles. The city of dreams. And the city of angels apparently. And the city of amazingness. So much so that it can be a lit overwhelming. Truth be told, you're never going to be able to eat everywhere, do everything, see Trying to stick with the every theme. So here are some of my recommendations based on what I've experienced. Remember that my recommendations are definitely going to favor the west side since that's where I live. But Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, the Valley....all these places are capable of making dreams come true.

Let's start with food. I broke it up into three categories. . 
{click on the title for more info. they're all linked to a website} 

Fancy nights out $$$$
Boa Steakhouse amazing steak, fun hip atmosphere.
Georgio Baldi Italian in the Santa Monica Canyon.
The Bazaar great food experience. Located in Beverly Hills. Tapas with "bizarre" cooking methods.
Fogo de Chao Brazilian Churrascaria. Located in Beverly Hills.
Geoffrey's Every dish I've ever tried has been delectable. The setting is amazing. Located in Malibu overlooking the ocean.

Cafes $
Jack n Jill

Everyday Dining $$-$$$
Lula's- great Mexican in old Santa Monica. The chicken pechuga is amazing. But so is the carne asada.
Sugarfish- great sushi. Order the "Trust me".
Paradise Cove- perfect to go for lunch ONLY if the weather is nice. The food is only average but the ambiance has you feeling like you're in Hawaii. 
Father's Office- is a bar, but not a trashy one! Has one of the best burgers ever. Fun location.
C&O- fun atmosphere, great location.
The Griddle- a MUST GO! for breakfast. Pancakes as big as your head with crazy good flavors. And don't forget to order the Peanut Butter Bubba french toast also.

Diddy Riese- ice cream sandwiches in Westwood, right by UCLA campus
Sprinkles-  people go miles out of their way to get one of these cupcakes. And now they have their own ice cream as well...

What to do, what to do..
{click on link for more info!}

Dodger game
The Grove
Griffith Observatory
3rd Street Promenade- good shopping, people watching, and street performers
Getty Museum
Beach Cruising- MUST DO!

And as a closing, I'll give you my perfect day itinerary:

Wake up
Go on a hike.
Grab breakfast at the Griddle. 
Go to the Promenade and walk around.
Go rent a beach cruiser. Ride all the way through Venice. People watch at Muscle Beach, and the roller skaters, and the hand ballers. Maybe walk through Freak Museum.
Eat sunset dinner at Geoffrey's.
Get dessert at Diddy Riese.


What else can you add to the list??? What are your must do's or must eat's? Let's be honest, I'm always looking for new incredible places to eat also! Share share share your secrets!


  1. 1.) laughed out loud at your 7 year old's ginormous crotch story.
    2.) Your LA rec's come just at the perfect time! Parker and I are planning a trip in June so I am definitely saving this to help me plan our itinerary. PS - will you still be in LA in June or will you have moved on to Austin by then?

    1. I hope so! feel like i don't know anything for sure at this point. but would love to meet up::)

  2. Tony P.'s Dockside Grill in Marina Del Ray is a great locale right on the marina and the food was pretty good too. I think it fits in the 'everyday dining' category. Also love La Grande Orange Café (multiple locations). I think you introduced me to both of these places! We also just tried a place in Pasadena called Cafe Santorini that was AMAZING! (Price point $$$.) Old Town Pasadena is always a fun place to hang out on a California evening.

    1. i love both of those, too-- good additions. Would love to go to pasadena. it seems like such a charming town, yet i know nothing about it and have no idea where to start. but maybe this restaurant is the perfect starting place!

  3. Soo agree with you about the perfect day! That's why you're my girl :)

    1. can we have this exact itinerary one day? girls trip, stay cation style?!


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