Thursday, February 14, 2013

Not Hating on Love

We're on Another Valentine's Day finds us on vacation, and although I might get the stink eye for admitting this...
I LOVE being away for Valentines Day and getting out of doing all the kids' Valentines and spending the whole day trying to make it extra special. Instead, it kind of just is special since we're on vacay! It's a lazy mom's world, y'all, what can I say!

Regardless it's still a day of love and there's no hating on that part of it.

 Recently, my mom sent us kids some excerpts from her journal and I have absolutely loved reading them! Which makes me want to write down more of the specific things my kids are doing/saying.

 For instance, how these boys have showed me what a "curtsy" is. And no, it's not a little thank you move. All you moms with boys, do you know what I'm talking about? During a wardrobe change, therefore in the nude, these little sirs showed me one thing their boy parts were capable of. Wherein I was introduced to...the curtsy. Ask your own boys if they know what that is!

A specific entry that acted as a total lightbulb:

 This afternoon I took Caleb, Gabrielle, and 2 boys I’m babysitting over to Jill Dyches.  While Jill and I were visiting, Aaron said, “Gabey called me a bathroom word.”  I asked what she said, and he said, “She called me ‘stupid’.  I turned to Gabey and asked her, “Did you say a bathroom word?”  She said, “No”.  I said, “Aaron said you called him ‘stupid’.”  “I didn’t”, she replied.  “I called him ‘stupid idiot’, and that’s not a bathroom word.”
I all of a sudden understand my Deeter bug a thousand times better. And I got no one to blame but myself! This sir is still a little firecracker with no apology. He has been sick over the last week and has showed more of his tender side. He was telling me, "Mom, my legs don't work, I need you to carry me." And so I carried that weak little sir everywhere for a good few days. I loved it. While here in Maui he has demanded a sparkling bagel for breakfast every morning, aka a sprinkle donut.

And the sis....she grabs attention everywhere she goes with compliments of being a "doll baby" and the "most precious thing". For better or worse, we totally agree and treat her as such. Even when she wakes up from her nap fired up and cussing us out, "I....HATE {emphasis on the t}" Swinging and clawing is all part of the act. But as the same time she is the most caring little girl, making sure all of her brothers have what they need. She has loved the water slides here on vacation and swims like a little fish!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


  1. vacations are the best! i like to go away for valentines to! its fun to be with just the people you love :)

  2. Looks like you're having a blast! Lucky girl! Happy Valentines Day, hope you have a great rest of your vacay :)

  3. Love it! That looks like the Marriot on Kauai!! Hope you guys had fun.


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