Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Time to Share our big News

Oh shoot, this could get messy. Only because it's 8:50 pm, which for me is the equivalent of either being 2 am or drunk. Add that to the fact that I'm perioding so much these days- which swings me from being enraged one day to crying about a dead bee the next- that I'm mildly convinced I'm menopausing at the mature age of 32. And I may not argue against this sentence if it means no more periods and no more IUDs.

You see how I'm rambling??? I think I'm stalling...

So here it is--
I'm moving. We're moving.
From the place where, nearly 8 years ago, I declared the only way I would leave is kicking and screaming.
I love LA- the weather, the people, the beach, mix in a straight shot of Californication and it's my paradise.
I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.
Yes, I know I know-- I'll meet new great people.
But I've got a lot of work invested in these friendships and I don't want to replace them.
I want these friendships.
Inevitably distance changes relationships.
And that kinda makes my eyes fill up.
Scratch that-- I'm crying.
How sappy do I get on here? Do I tell you how I feel like these girls have helped me find myself? Like the best version of myself? Or how they've let me whine and vent and never judged me? Or how they've become family to me? Or how they've supported my crazy shenanigans all in the name of having "fun"?
I know I'll meet new people, but there's part of me that doesn't want to. And at 2 am 9 pm that part of me seems to be the winning part.

And in the same breath, I have to confess....

I'm excited. I have this isolated memory of when Yosh and I had recently moved to California and I was laying in bed next to my sleeping husband. The night was quiet, the darkness was heavy and I felt the truth of our situation...that we were alone. That it was me and him against the world. We didn't have friends, we didn't have family, we didn't have anything familiar. It was just us- sink or swim, baby. And we got to flailing our little arms and legs and figured it out, figured us out. We swam. Like champs. 

And I can feel that memory foreshadowing what's to come for our now family of six. Where we'll only have each other, crusading a new adventure with our family stamp on it, taking on the challenge to sink or swim. As we go through waves of unfamiliarity, loneliness, wishing for what we had before, we'll be doing it together. Just us. No friends, no family, no crutches. It'll make our little family stronger.

Adventure has always made my heart stir. Running away has always been a sweet temptation. So here we go!

And to boot, I can't imagine getting to see the majority of our paycheck reach the bank accounts...what will I do with all this extra money?!! Everything is bigger in Texas...except the taxes! Yea baby!

So there it is. Sometime this summer it's good bye LA, hello Austin.


  1. My parents moved us from Long Beach to Indiana and I never regretted it for even a day...although that's when I realized my REAL skin tone was pastey white and not golden brown :)

  2. whoooa moving texas! big move! exciting! congrats!

  3. My husband and I moved from Santa Monica to DC about 18 months ago. The first year was rough for me, to be honest. I mean, who wouldn't take sunny 70* Januaries over cold snowy 21* Januaries? But I have really come to like it here. Of course Ca is unbelievable, but we've really come to appreciate the east coast so much. Good luck in Austin!

  4. Exciting! We've moved a ton and there are lots of ups and downs that come with moving, but it's always a good adventure! I've heard lots of great things about Texas and I laughed out loud about your paycheck comment. We live in the SF Bay Area and I would love to move somewhere with a lower cost of living!

  5. Awww.... California is going to miss you too! But, you will love Austin. I've heard such great things. And you can always come back to CA and visit. :) Best of luck to you on your move. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventure.

  6. BOO! I'm coming to LA right when you are leaving? Now something about that doesn't seem right, does it?!?

  7. Moving is challenging - but can also be so rewarding. Good luck!

    The Hartungs Blog

  8. Laura told me about your move when we were in town. Congrats. Moving is hard and scary, but your boys are young and you guys will have a great time. There's a cute blog I follow: She lives in Austin. I saw that she had some pics with Brooke at the Alt Summit. Maybe you met her. Good luck with everything.

  9. I'm so excited for you! and a little sad...just because I know how much you have been loving where you live and your friends. But Austin will be amazing and you guys will make it home and have so much fun!
    I can't wait to come visit...I honestly have been dying to go to Texas, Sam loved it when he lived there!
    I wish I was there to help you pack friend!
    love you

  10. I think I'm still in denial. I keep hoping its gonna be like your big London move and not pan out. I am remembering 8 years ago a very pregnant gay and a brave Laura thinking she looks like someone I may want to be friends with. We've been through a lot together! Shoot, now I'm tearing up. I sure do love you.

  11. I am from Houston and Austin is by far the best city in Texas if not the country!!! It definitely has a California vibe so I think it will be a good transition for you. Enjoy your new city! The only thing that will take some getting used to is the humidity but it will happen eventually. ; )

  12. Hi Gay! I'm friends with Hailey and Rachel Cowan. I live in Austin! Email me if you want any advice about Austin.
    You will love Austin!

  13. So beautifully written my friend. I already feel a little hole in my heart getting bigger. Something about knowing you were just up the coast from me always made me sleep a little easier at night. So excited for your new adventure & new happening! You are living your dream and I couldn't be happier. But sunny California will always miss the one & only Gabrielle Hansen. XOXO

  14. Guh! Congrats on this exciting news! I hear that Austin is a great place with a happening music scene. Also,there is this little show I fell in love with called Friday Night Lights(the TV series, not movie)that was filmed somewhere near Austin. Great show! Highly recommend! Best of luck to you and the fam on your new adventure!


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