Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't Forget about Dre when you Party like it's 1982

I can't imagine exactly what it means to party like it's 3012.
Walking around in space suits?
Taking a quick Friday night gaunt to the moon?
I just don't get it.
So while I didn't party like it was 3012 this weekend,
I did party like it was 1982,
the year homegirl on the left was born.
I'm always tempted to be all,
"Ignore the {fill-in-the-blank} of this picture},
but being I'm a quick learner and all, 
I've learned to just stop and accept the facts that
a) I'm just not photogenic
b) for whatever reason, I will continue to post semi-awkward pics.

So enjoy the cheesy smile and I'll squash the rumor now...
No, I'm not pregnant.

Anyways, back to 1982, Feb 22nd to be exact,
my soul mate was born.
Fate didn't bring us together til May 2010
where we were living the dream in LA.
And by living the dream, I obviously mean following our husbands like puppy dogs.
2 Midwest girls who found LA charming and completely ridiculous all in the same breath
as our upbringings were the yang to LA's ying.
We found ourselves in the same town where we were born a good ten years later than the average housewife.
Finding someone born in our own decade?
Quite simply....
it was on!

So Friday night, we needed to live it up and celebrate Christy's bday.
After a little mix/mingle/eat at Kidville, 
where she reigns as owner, CEO, Presidenta, Queen Bee,
we headed straight back to 1982 to do some kareokeing.
This was some good entertainment, y'all.
I mean imagine your grandpa some 70 year old man walking up to the stage and doing his thing.
Follow that up with the regulars doing some ballads that kill the life of the party.
But it wouldn't be karaoke if it didn't play out like this right?

My heart dropped when a dorky white boy and sidekick stepped up to the mike.
It wasn't the fact that he was white and dorky-
that's my people right there.
It was the fact that there were some Dr Dre drop beats in the background 
and I was mortified for him...
He was about to attempt Dre and Eminem's
"Don't Forget About Dre."

Kareoke Suicide.
Am I right?

While I couldn't find the exact rendition on You Tube,
I did find the dorky white boy and a similar performance.
Take a peeky.
Y'all, White Boy killed it!
Christy called the identity check-
American Idol's Season 5 "Chicken Little."
They were by FAR the highlight of the night.
He did Dre and Eminem proud....
if only they could've seen it.
And if they would've been there to see it--
holy mamma jamma, THAT wold have made my life.
Even so, it was worth staying out past us mamas 10 pm bedtime.
Happy Birthday, Christy!
Thanks for being born!


  1. That was AWESOME! That guy is ridiculous. And you take great photos!


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