Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Bidness Time

Y'all we've got some items of business to discuss.
And by discuss, I for real mean...discuss.

1) How many of you have a back up cam on your car? Well I'm celebrating 2 years of being a back up cam owner. And let me tell you something.... I should not be allowed to be behind the wheel, in reverse, of any car not equipped with one.
Hello 80 year old who backs up without looking.
She's posing and backing up at the same time. No back up cam for Grandma.
2) Cold weather residents, this question is more directed towards you. It's the issue of the coat. What do you do with your coat when you get in the car? Do you drive with the coat on, staying all bulky and uncomfortable? Do you simply wear it the 30 steps from your house to your car before taking it off? I've honestly been perplexed by this situation and, frankly, neither option seems like a good one to me. Enlighten me.
pants: Zara//shirt: Nordstrom//jacket: Club Monoco
3) What are the cell phone laws in your state? California regulates a strict no talking/no texting law, $120 at a time. During this brief stint in Utah, I should feel like a liberated woman. But, huh uh, not the case. I've been trying to do some phone chatting while driving. Yet,  I'm looking around like a paranoid convict, reacting to every cop I see. And mind you, there's been a cop every 2 minutes attending to cars that have slid off the road. Upon seeing the lights, I'm flinging my phone to the dark abyss. Liberated no. I feel schizophrenic. I think I'm traumatized.

4) So you know the Peanut Butter M&Ms bag, the one that boasts "Share Size"?  How do you feel about that? I'd like to suggest it being called "self-esteem suicide size". 
a) I ain't got nobody to share my M&Ms with
b) I killed the bag solo in one sitting. 
Look at Ms Green raising the roof. And let's not pretend that she's sharing with anyone...
5) And saving the best for last. You all, my friends, are awesome and hilarious.  Our little link up party, If I were a boy..., brought out some amazing and innovative ideas for being a boy. Someone should develop a "How to be a Better Boy" list from all our ideas...that would be RAD! The party's still going if you are feeling the need to get a post out o the subject! As I always say,
It ain't a party if no one shows up
so thanks for showing up and making it a par-tay!
x to the o
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  1. We leave our coats on here and drive all uncomfortable like. My poor kid can't move (at all) in his car seat by the time I buckle him in it with his on!

  2. Coats on ... The car doesn't warm up fast enough to take it off.
    Cell Phone law - no texting or checking email but go ahead and make your phone call.
    I never share my peanut butter M&M's. ever.
    Also, I look like I just learned how to drive when I back up, right arm swung over the passenger seat all but completely turned around making sure it's impossible to hit something. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to trust the back up cam.
    Also, You look adorable. I hope you're enjoying your stay in chilly Utah! :)

  3. hot mama!! loving this outfit!! and girl, i soo hear ya on the "share bag" seriously, talk about guilt trip every time i partake - which you know is a weekly basis!!

  4. girl I say sport that freaking jacket 24/7! It is FABULOUS!!! I totally agree on the "share bag" Who shares treats for reals?!?! I never do... never ever :)


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