Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to do when someone pops the question...

I can't tell you when I started dreaming about the day I would say "I do" to that special someone. But I'll have you know, it was right up there with how much I used to think about when I was going to get my next split cup slurp. And one summer, I averaged about 10 of those bad boys per week. No need to remind me that there's only 7 days in a week....

Point being, I remember always being very curious about who I would marry. I wasn't necessarily in a huge hurry to become a Mrs, but my curious nature was just a itching to know that important detail of whose Mrs I would be.

It didn't take long after meeting the Yosh that I thought perhaps...this would be the boy I'd be sealing the deal with.
So come one fall day in October, we- Yosh and I- were out the door to do do a little golfing. Golfing, what?!! I know. I'm not a golfer. Like at all. But please tell me, what spells love more than a stalwart gentleman teaching his lady the proper way to swing a golf club? Him having to hold her close to demonstrate the proper form, again and again......and again. I'm here to fully confess that golfing rivals the most romantic of outings....if done properly!

So basically, logistics aside, we were going to stand extra close to each other, get in a lot of love and affection, and chalk it all up in the name of golf. And all that was going as planned, when Yoshi suddenly dropped to one knee and switched the golf ball out for a small rectangular box and placed it squarely on the tee. The change of events registered quickly and I instantly knew what was going on.

And so I did as any nerve-infested girl would do.
I started giggling.
And slowly backing away.
And giggling more.
And backing away.

Yosh begged me to return back to the picture frame as it was getting kind of awkward kneeling all alone by the golf tee. As I made my way back to the props-- you know, the boy and the knee and the ring--, my nerves were still in overdrive and I was completely intoxicated with the giggles. One might say insanity? had taken over. At least that's what I'll be claiming til the day I die because what I did next could have made me a murderer faster than I could even become a wife. 

I found myself back by his side and unconsciously I drew that golf club back as the master himself had taught me to do, I let out a giddy "You're making me nervous!!!!"- excessive explanation marks intended-, and swung at Yosh's head with the precision of a novice golfer. You know, kinda like when you get all giddy and throw a light little playful punch. Along those lines. But....think golf club and maybe not too light....whoops.
Yosh's eyes were as big as...well, just regular eyeballs but whatever, he has small eyes.  And he was just as confused as any Alzheimer-stricken grandma. The last thing a humble man expects to happen when you propose to the girl you for her to take a strike at you. That's just not how the storybooks have it spelled out.  But despite his dazed and confused state, he managed to matrix back, avoiding the blow of heavy metal and face. And instead of kissing his face for the next few hours and calling everyone and their dog to tell them about our merry engagement, I would've been driving him to the ER, hoping that a plastic surgeon was on call to fix this whole, big misunderstanding.

I finally found it in myself to say yes, that yes I would marry him. More bewildering was the fact that he accepted my acceptance of the proposal even though he was quite sure I had nearly decapitated him. Because, let's be honest, a re-nig on the deal would've been understandable.

So the secret is out- the real foundation for a solid something super crazy that scares the crap out of your man and makes him question your insanity. That way, anything else you do down the road pales in comparison. Take it from us. Today we're celebrating 9 years under our belt and are still going strong.


  1. Happy anniversary! You two are so cute together, I don't think I ever knew you clocked him with the golf cub :)

  2. baaaaahahaha I love it! Only you! I can totally picture it now. Annnd I can totally see Yosh's face. hahaha
    Happy Anniversary you two!
    Love you both

  3. This is pretty dang cute. Colby also proposed to me on a golf course and I also had no clue what I was doing. It sure made for a great memory tho. :)


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