Friday, December 21, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

~So we're going on week two of consecutive interrupted night sleeps. No, it's not the kids. Do you know what happens when a smoke detector starts running out of battery? It goes through interms of beeping every minute and ten seconds. Not during the day, of course. Only at night. Which could be solved by changing the battery or yanking the whole dang thing out of the ceiling. The real problem???
Look where that bad boy is located....
At the top of the sky light. There is no access to it except from the main floor. The stair landings are all misaligned, probably drive me crazy. And believe it or not, I don't have a 30 ft ladder sitting in my garage. And so it continues to beep.....
~I'm being completely held back from being AWESOME, amazing, outstanding right now. And no one likes to be held back. I swear I could be a better mother, a better cook, even an organized person...if only my printer worked. I know I'm always complaining about the printer. Either it's out of ink or "not communicating". Whatever the excuse may be, I'll have you know that all my genius is locked in my head due to this malfunction. And yes, genius is what I said. Just wait for it be unleashed....
Can someone please recommend a good printer that actually works? Like all the time?
A sincere thank you.

~The other night, we all jumped in the car to go for yet another Christmas light ride. Dinner turned out to be In n Out. Our going through the drive through plan turned to me running in after we saw the line. So, I hopped out of the car, jogged to the front door, and let myself in. Instantly, I felt all eyes on me, which was weird. Until it made sense....
These pajamas I was sporting, well they kind of lose their charm outside of the home.
But at least it answered one question, I am a Mom. And no one wants to hit on a mom. Didn't have to talk with a single person during that In n Out visit.

Ok, off to keep the party going. Gotta love Christmas and all the endless festivities that accompany it!
Hope it's a good weekend!

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