Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jingle Balls All the Way

Hallelujah, ya'll,
I had an experience!
Will you believe that Monday night I felt something that I hadn't felt for 4 years?!!
Well, es la verdad.
Translated= it's the truth. Sista.

I missed my kids.

Like wanted them by my side. Wished we could be experiencing together, instead of me alone. 
I was miserable 4 years ago when Yosh and I went to Thailand solo.
{Don't worry, I was a newbie at the whole leave your kids thing. And I was first trimester pregnant. And we all that means trouble. Hormones, crying, doing who knows what for who knows why.}

But since Thailand.....nope. Don't miss those kids a bit when I'm away from them. Apart equals balance. And I very much appreciate balance in my life.

But let's get back to Monday.
Have you heard of Jingle Ball?
You know, where a bunch of pop groups get together to give the ADD stricken person a personality-catered performance. They play their best 4 best songs and BOOM TIME, you get the boot off the stage.

Well, come 4:30 on Monday afternoon I was doing some computer "work" when all of a sudden Stub Hub popped up to inform me that the sold-out Jingle Ball concert for that very night...had tickets for sale.

Shut the front door.

Because I said, out loud, over a month ago that I was dying to go to that particular concert on that particular night.
And then it sold out in like 12 minutes flat or something like that, and I chalked it up as a lost and never thought about it again.

Until Monday afternoon at 4:30, like I already mentioned.

One thing lead to another, another thing led to one thing, and next thing you know, my secretary-- aka The Yosh Train McGain-- was hitting the purchase ticket for me and two of my friends.

I owe you big time, Universe. You totally hooked me up.
Because honest to goodness, I had completely forgotten all about Jingle Ball and my offended heart was healed.

So pictured below is the boy that stole the show, in my humble opinion. 
Shorty got low low low.
He was the Wild One, made sure he left us all with a Good Feeling.
And we just won't talk about the whole Blow My Whistle thing

Sorry all you Kesha lovers, but I'm gonna leave her performance at one word-

And this cute little DJ, Afrojack.
So I think I'm starting to feel the whole DJ vibe.
Maybe it has something to do with my recent infatuation with Kaskade.
Maybe it's the fact that it's always been good music and that I've finally seen the light.
Who knows. But Afrojack and his guest appearance, Mr. Pit Bull himself, sparked life into that stadium.

Cute Psy with his one hit wonder.
Mystery solved as to why there were so many Asians in the house.

And the Biebs himself. Great closer. Gots to say, the boy can sing. The boy can dance. And the boy can grab his crotch about 17 times/minute.

And during the actual concert, that's when I missed my kids. At least the two oldest.
Truth be told I would've loved to have the first LIVE dance party with my boys that very night.
Would've been off the hook. Except for the part where I covered their eyes while Kesha did that thing she does.
For a short 3 hours, we would've been equals. Equal dancing fools to the same trendy songs.
Would've paid a lot of money to have that experience with them. 

Next time I'll know and they'll get the invite. 
Yes those are sweaty pits. I told you we were dancing fools!

Tune in maƱana for The Mystery continuation


  1. I knew this show would be incredible and almost sent you multiple texts to see if you were interested but figured it would be impossible to get tix. Way to make it happen - especially last minute. Next time hit me up! Sounds awesome.

  2. Have I told you lately that I want your life? Well I do! Totally jealous and SO glad you had a great time and it looks like AMAZING seats!!

  3. Yeah I'm with Kady, since when did we become the boring friends who don't like a good dance party?


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