Monday, December 31, 2012

Brainwashing Strategy

the most {anti-climatic} party night of the year.
And this year we're joining the droves and are going to party like rock stars!
And obviously by rock stars, I mean like 6 and 7 year olds.
And we're going to skip out on our assigned Pacific Standard Time and celebrate with all the east coasters. Make up our own a rock star. If we play our cards right, we'll have all the house guests kicked out and all the kids tucked nice and cozy in bed by the time our west coast clock strikes midnight.
Told you we're rock stars.
Care to differ?

No, but seriously, after a certain age....18? 21? 24?....I don't exactly what age, but New Year's Ever is nothing shy of disappointing. There's all this hype that it's going to be the best night EVA and once you get past those prime years- or maybe it's just once you get married?- there's this mounting pressure to make it the best EVA like you used to, but truth just don't got it anymore. And you don't care. Yet, you feel like you should care because it's New Year's Eve for heaven's sake. You would be the lamest human being alive if you just conformed to an average or only slightly above average night. 

This is a rite of passage into adulthood that doesn't get much time in the limelight: when you throw up the white flag to NYE. You surrender the pressure, the effort, even the intent to put this NYE on your 'top 10 nights ever' list. Don't won't even care, won't feel at all like you're missing out.

you decide to make it your kids' best night EVA.
Bound and determined to make it a night they'll remember.
And hopefully remember til they're like....25.... so that they keep coming back to celebrate with their parents, the best New Year's Eve partiers. 
Like, next year they'll remember it and will be on pins and needles, dying to know what could possibly be in store for that year.
Yes, all the way til they're 25.
You may call this brainwashing.
 I call it brainwashing at it's best. Maybe mixed with a hint of wishful thinking.
No shame in the game.

What could our plan possibly be that will hook them for the next few years? Keep them coming back for more? Begging for just one more NYE with us?

I will divulge....
A Game Truck.

What's a game truck, you ask?
Every little boy's dream, that's what it is.
A trailer filled with big screen TV's, donning Wii's, XBox's, and whatever else is hot right now. Who knows, some old school Duck Hunt might pop up in the mix. Or the original Nintendo's track and field with...the running pad!
Yea baby! Don't act like you don't remember that!
Let's be honest, those things wouldn't impress our modern kids at all.
Which is why I'm sure the vintage pieces will be nowhere to be seen.
I'll be the only one disappointed.
from a friend's bday party. source for the idea....brilliant!

Seriously though, look at this picture. Kids lined up like little duckies, sitting all nice and quiet like the Von Trapp children.
I can't think of any other place to achieve this kind of behavior from a crowd of high-strung young 'uns.

Needless to say, we're amped at our house. 
We're now out the door, rolling 5 deep, to hit up Costco and friends to stock this house up with all things party.
Wish me luck....
Or else there will be no party....

Happy New Year's Eve!

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  1. You made it happen! Those are big expectations to live up to but I think they had the best BYE evah!


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