Friday, September 28, 2012

XX vs XY

Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars.
Don't hate that I just had to google that saying to make sure I got it right.
And sure enough I didn't have it right, 
so thank goodness I googled it.
{I would hate to lose street cred on my opening line, ya know.}
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But seriously- us boys and girls....we are not one and the same. Not even close.
Even though my baby girl just walked into the bathroom with a bowl, shut the door behind her and is surely scooping water out of the toilet as I type. That is the one way that boys and girls are one and the same- toddler toilet dippers. Disgusting.

And although I know this as fact- how different we are, and I appreciate it as Truth, I still have my moments of wondering how we orbit in the same world.

Let me tell you, that every now and then I thoroughly enjoy hosting a little get-together for the ladies. I am willing to create an excuse where we all eat cookies to our hearts' content and smother our faces with the best cheese out there. Someone's gotta do it, so when duty calls, I take one for the team.

So this above-described scenario was my ultimate motivation for hosting a Stella and Dot party for my friend. That, and the fact that I genuinely love their jewelry.

Now something that you might need to know about the Yosh Train and I: we're not the best communicators as far as letting each other know what we have going on in our lives. So with T-21 hours til party time, it somehow crossed my mind that I'm having a get-together and he happened to be in the same room when the thought made a mad dash through my brain wires. Thus stemmed the perfect opportunity to inform Yosh that tomorrow night he would be entertaining the kids OUT of the house, feeding them dinner, and putting them to bed all on his own without letting a single one of them make a peep. Or call my name {yeah right, good luck with that one, but one can dream, right? Of course.} He asked why. I told him. And he about spit out the soda that he didn't have in his mouth.
"You're doing what? I cannot believe you're doing one those party things. That is so embarrassing."
And he was for real. I, of course, ignored his reaction, reiterated  his duties during party time, and was on my merry way.

You guys, good thing I didn't invite Yosh to the party. He would've had to come because a) that would've been a better option than baby-sitting our kids and b) every guy is dying to go to a girls night out. Anyway, he would have been humiliated the whole two hours that I mingled about pushing the hard sell on jewelry eating cookies and cheese, sitting on my white couches- because this is an event where the ghetto blankets get removed and the actual couch is exposed -, listening to some music as we're gathered around the fire pit.

And it would've been equally disappointing/destructive for me as well. He would have figured out that every time I say I "have" to go to a "meeting" or a "function"...well, that it's just an excuse to escape and have girl talk. Often times, the good kind of girl talk, you know? Yes, you most definitely know.
Anyways, obviously no invite for him. I don't get why Yosh is so embarrassed that I was having a jewelry party.  And he doesn't get why I don't get that he thinks I should feel the same shame. Do you get what I'm saying?
Case in point: Girls are from Venus, Boys are from Mars.
And girls are awesome. And like to have fun. And don't need football games to do it.
We just need jewelry parties.
And book clubs.
And committee meetings.

I can only imagine what his reaction would be if he knew I already ordered Christmas pajamas....

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  1. I can really relate to this. Men and women truly think differently. Have a great weekend!

  2. We are wired differently, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I quit trying to make my hubby understand. It's easier just to shoot him 'the look' and do what I want anyway.

    P.S. - Intuitive Eating arrived in my mailbox yesterday & I've already started to read it. Thank you, Gay.

  3. HAHAHA!! Love this!! It is seriously so true and ps I LOVE Stella and Dot! Sounds like a perfect night!!

  4. I have a feeling if we invited a husband on a girls night out they'd just be more embarrassed for us!

  5. YUp I agree too...if you are inviting someone you is married and a malt too in a girls late night hang out...then you are actually spoiling the reading your post & man that photo looks so amazing...regards

  6. Ryan would kill me if I planned something like that and would also have the same feelings as Yosh... Men. Good work on not inviting him! Sounds like the perfect girls night.

  7. I LOVE that picture... SO TRUE- a picture is worth a thousand words, eh?


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