Monday, August 27, 2012

{Cookie: O-R-E-O}

There aren't much awesomer quotes that have come out of my kids' mouth than the time 3-year-old Dallin proclaimed, "Mom, I know how to spell cookie: "O-R-E-O."
Couldn't have scripted that better.
With an impromptu statement like that, it comes as no surprise that Oreos are a key part of our fam.
And among our array of Oreo indulgences, I think there is a specific combination that has a reigning title of favorite. And that would be the bag of mini Oreos.
So here's the thing, I go about highly recommending the mini Oreos and milk, b.k.a. cookie cereal in our house.
But when I go about recommending things, sometimes I get a bit self-conscious when there's all types of asterisks that come along with that recommendation. So out of embarrassment, I hold out on all the necessary details that would go into making it the optimal eating experience. And people have tried it on their own, in their own way, and have come back ....without rave reviews. And I feel very responsible for that dissatisfaction.    
And I know this post is going to come off facetious, but let me go ahead and tell ya...
I'm not being facetious at all.  
I am fo real.

I'm gonna tell you how to make the best bowl of cookie cereal ever.
1) Get a smaller bowl. 
2) Fill with 9ish cookies (don't get nervous yet...)
3) Put in desired amount of milk.
4) Let sit for 5 seconds (about the amount of time it takes to sit down somewhere.) 
5) Eat with regular sized spoon, one cookie at a time, letting milk fill the whole space of spoon. 
Why are these details important?
Let me tell you. You do NOT want this treat to turn into a soggy bowl of what-used-to-be mini Oreos, hence the 9ish cookie per serving rule. Prevents excessive sogginess.
The regular sized spoon allows for exact milk-to-mini-Oreo proportion.
That is it, THE formula of how to properly indulge in cookie cereal.
And just a heads up...
there's no way you'll have just one bowl.
Like, I dare you to just have one bowl.
I'll buy you your own bag of Minis if you stop at one.
{and then you can eat that whole bag in one sitting...been there, done that, loved it.}  
So don't be shocked or feel like a fatty when you just keep going back for more and more- that's how we all roll.

Now go try it and tell me if I haven't got it down to a science!


  1. Gonna take ur word on this. I need nothing else to love and have no self control over ;) but it sounds delish! -t-

  2. I have Oreos in my cabinet in the kitchen (though not minis). I'm resisting the urge dunk a few in some milk. Thanks for making me have this craving ;-)

  3. This is why the internet was invented. Serious discoveries like this need to be shared!

  4. Seriously you are a legend, how have i never thought of this.


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