Monday, July 30, 2012

4:00 light

For the future- just in case I ever forget- will you please remind me that during the summer, the 4:00 hour is the best light to accurately identify jelly bean colors/flavors.
I usually struggle telling grape from black licorice, black licorice from root beer, coffee from black licorice....
You get the point, I struggle picking out my black licorice jelly bean on the first attempt. I usually have to resort to taste testing- which sounds FABULOUS- but really jacks up my taste buds so that I can't FULLY enjoy my black licorice when I do pick it out. Do you feel me? Please say yes because I feel like we need to connect at this level before we can go any further. The 4:00 hour solves this predicament and let's me uninhibitedly enjoy my black licorice jelly bellies. 

And now that we've gone further, I need to tell you about a loss in the family. Kaia has unquestionably been adored and loved and gawked at for a solid 18 months. She has been able to do no wrong. 
Until last week. On the airplane. During our 9:00 pm flight out.
Did you know people don't find squealing and screaming so endearing on airplanes? In wide open spaces....absolutely welcomed. On airplanes....forbidden.
And at 9 pm she had mucho to squeal about. Consequently, Kaia has been banned from traveling with us for the NEXT 18 months. That's right- a life {as she knows it up until now} sentence. Do you think that's too harsh?
You guys, don't kid yourself for even a second that we'd be ditching this little lady however tempting it might be...

Now once that airplane got us to our desired Utah destination, we shacked up- 6 deep in one room- and learned a thing or two about all sleeping in the same room being that I next to never sleep with these children. 1) Deeter wakes up singing, "I'm here to dance dance dance." And do believe that this child will be dancing his way through life. Can almost guarantee that. 2)Kaia wakes up yelling, "Deetah, Deetah, DeetahDeetahDeetah.....DEETZ." True story. 3) We are all capable of sleeping through the night even when we're forced in a single room. Are you hearing this? We all slept a solid 8+  uninterrupted hours {the kids more} while being in the same room. I'm ready to do shack living, ya'll....THE HANSEN'S CAN HANDLE IT. For 4 nights. Don't get all crazy on us.

Can I tell you what happens when I get around all my family? PS We were just at my family reunion where 6 out of my 7 siblings were there, hence the plane ride, the single room living. NOW...can I tell you what happens when I get around all my family? I start thinking about how GREAT it would be to have 7 kids bc it's like one big party when we're all together for 3 days. And I think about how I can't decide which child I'd eliminate if I were FORCED to choose. And then I'm thankful my mom kept going and giving birth even when the going was tough. Like....tough times 7. And then, and THEN....I'm so glad I'm done at 4. Bless your heart, AJcita I don't know how or why!!! you did it, but I'm glad you did. We've got a good little/big family. I'm just so so so so glad I'm not having 7. Or anywhere close.


  1. I'm the 5th of 5 kids. And now I have 5 kids. I knew I wasn't done after 4 - even though #4 was a terrible baby. And sometimes I wondered if it wasn't just out of gratitude that my mom had gone to 5 to get me. I mean, what would have happened to me if she had stopped at 4?

  2. Vickie I'm number 5, too! My mom would have been smart to stop after my older sister- i caused quite the stir and probably aged her a lot faster than necessary!!! jk jk, glad she kept going.


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