Friday, March 9, 2012


Speaking of Diet Coke and popcorn with Reeses Pieces....

I remembered from the day before that the movie was showing at both 1:30 and 3:45 and made my plans accordingly, opting for the 3:45 showing. After having 3 of the 4 movie-goers in the car, and on the way to pick up the last, I thought I better double check. Even though I totally trusted that I knew. But I'm really working on trusting the fact that I can't trust myself. Which is why I was completely appalled that this theory once again proved itself true when I looked in route to see that, NO, there was no 3:45 showing at the theater I was going to. Disheveled, I picked up our last passenger, forming plan B on the fly. There was another theater farther away with a 3:50 show. Totally doable. Until we hit traffic and the clock was still ticking. Ticking in sync with my thoughts as I was trying to retract my steps and see where I went wrong, cussing myself out a few more times for disrespecting my need to trust that I can't be trusted. Yet I was still holding on to the notion that I KNEW, that there was a 3:45 showing at Santa Monica. Which is when a light bulb went on......LORAX 3D vs LORAX. Yes!!!! Two different show times for- essentially- two different movies. Even though the two could very easily be confused. And YES there was the 3:45 showing. See, this was just a test. And what is the number 1 rule for test-taking??? GO WITH YOUR FIRST GUESS. Which is why I continue to trust myself instead of trusting to not trust. IT'S MESSY. Anyway, I then found myself in a frenzy trying to get off the traffic-infested freeway at 3:49 to do a turn-around. And the only way to possibly slide in and catch the beginning was to arrange valet service. "Yosh, I have a huge favor. It just happens that I've had a huge miscommunication with myself. Any way you can walk over and meet us at the theater and park my car for me?" Valet parking is always more expensive, but usually worth the price. Especially when it's my husband who's the valet guy. And his services allowed us to sit down- with my Diet Coke and popcorn with Reeses Pieces- right at the opening line.

Happy Friday, It's the freakin weekend baby I'm bout to have me some fun!


  1. Hi, Gay, this is Sara, Matt G's SIL. I lurk over from Brooke's blog. Just wanted to say I love your blog. You are so clever and make me laugh. I can relate on so many things.

    Loved the celebrity post. I'm like you--clueless and uninformed. My kids played with Gwen Stefani's kid in the Hollywood hills while my husband and I chatted with Gavin--Gwen was a little stand offish. She was rocking a baby in a stroller and I kept wondering why their kid was named King and who would name their son that--after we said good bye I kept thinking King would be a celebrity name and then the bright red lips and bleach blonde hair finally sunk in and I had a duh moment.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment- I always laugh at how crazily alike all us moms are! Are you Matt garffs sil? All of a sudden you're even looking familiar…?!! Maybe a church function for their fam…

  2. Oh Gay how I love you & need more of you in my life! You crack me up.

  3. love this...
    you articulate my thoughts perfectly!


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