Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Hope You Dance

I couldn't have been more pleased today as I made my way down the hill on the 405 in the same way my tears made their way down my cheeks. I love connecting.....connection. Connecting with my own life rarely happens in real time. It's usually a delayed response. That comes by watching a fictitious movie that brings more sense to my reality. Or reading someone else's words that seem stolen from my own soul. But stolen and then translated into a language I can better understand. And when that connection comes, it's just shy of sacred and I celebrate it. I love to feel deeply.

And I had just connected and was basking in feeling. In my non-showered state that I had tried to disguise with one loud statement piece over another, the end result looking something similar to a clown. In this get-up, I had on my hot pink head wrap to match some patches of hot pink in my loud shirt. And I had just finished reading about hot pink. I connected.

Have a read. I dare you not to connect. And if you don't want to read it all, skip down to "By God, there will be dancing."

And I connected at the thought of dismissing my worries into the lap of God and Him finding the twinkle in His eyes....because I excused myself, and told Him I was going to find Nappy Tabs {from "So you Think you Can Dance Dance Dance"} and tell them I'm finally ready to learn how to dance. After all these years of dreaming, I'm ready to put my fear, my shame, my worry aside. I'm ready to just dance. And my first request would be this little number right here:

Ok, so maybe I'm not ready for the dancing part of it- still in dreaming stage there- but I want to let go more. Trust more. Love more. And experience more.

Maybe I'll start with embracing more of the hot pink. Because like the author of that piece, I envision God's knitting of me to be laced with hot pink where it's not really expected.  Maybe we all envision ourselves knitted like that, with an unexpected quirk we didn't know defined beautiful. And what we thought made us so different from everyone else, really makes us all the same- an unexpected variety of beautiful.

Tonight, instead of hiding the pink threads, I marched off to my church meeting, not in dress pants or a sweater. But pink Chucks and a pink belt.
Because if we're talking about God, dancing, and hot pink in the same mouthful....I'm in. I want to be part of it.

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  1. I also cried as I read that post yesterday and refrained from sending you ANOTHER hey tell thanking you for introducing me to that blog. Aloha baby girl!


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