Sunday, February 12, 2012

Helloooooooooooha......(per Deeter)

 Ya'll, please do forgive me for my lack of foresight. Bless Deeter's heart, turns out he was just going through some sort of growing pains, and I must have been too. After his two intense days, he pulled it together and notably advanced to the 2 1/2 zone.  Love that sir. And the next time I start doing crazy talk about him, please feel free to give me a generous flick to the nose. It's kinda too soon to say. but....we're basically BFFs. Close rivalry to these two below.....
Can we talk about this angel? Like how she gets to belly laughing when we walk her out in the water and she finds her sweet spot where she can't stand anymore and is just treading water? Belly laughing, no exaggeration. And it's kinda eating away at my heart that I can't get it on video. I haven't had luck with the timing. Well. that and not being able to hold her and a camera at the same time. I want to remember this forever. And I already fear the toll of erosion on this memory. She's a natural beach bum and I couldn't be prouder.
This is an island of miracles. Can I tell you how many successful sit-down dinners we've had since we've been here?......2. And we've only attempted 2. We're talking no taking babies on walks while waiting for food. And no taking babies on walks while waiting for others to finish up. And no arguing. Although we still have the constant reminders of, "Come on, eat your food." But still, nothing short of a miracle.
This picture was taken at breakfast number 1, notoriously taking place at the crack of dawn. And that's after we'd already gone on a walk, awaiting the first peek of sun. These boys are in heaven with countless games of football, endless hours in the water, and NO SCHOOL.

I remember writing a paper about Hawaii either when I was in high school or college. I'll spare you the many words and sum it up with's one of the few experiences in my life where reality isn't a daunting shade of the dream. It always lives up to every expectation.

And as a gentle reminder of the effect this place has on us, I'm always telling Yosh, "See what Hawaii does for us..........."


  1. Replies
    1. Sarah and I'll feel free to give u a generous flick to ur nose next time I see u for ur crazy talk!!!

  2. Oh gosh it looks like paradise! Love all the kiddos :)

  3. All Im saying is did you remember your birth control pills?

  4. 2 successful dinners? I can't wait to hear about your trip! It sounds simply divine. Hawaii is a happy 7 magical place indeed!


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