Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You Can't Win Em All

Does it go without saying that living with children is equivalent to living in bipolar moments?
Is this not the most precious candid shot? I walked into the bedroom to see the crew gathered around the Ipad wrapping the night up with You Tube funnies, a new favorite activity at the Hansen home. Doesn't Yosh do well with 4 kids? I'm convinced- especially after this weekend- that he'd be a better stay-at-home Mom that me. Unfortunately, I don't think Welfare would maintain our lifestyle and surely that would be our source of income if I won the title of "bread-winner."

In a matter of mere minutes, our home went from the above-pictured peace to ravenous anger. We're talking bulging blood-shot eyes, high pitched yelling, accusations of hate, etc etc. How does it happen? How does serenity unravel so quickly? I do not know. But here's my personal opinion......I much rather events transpiring in the reverse order before bedtime. I prefer hatred turned love and then lights out rather than the other way around. Because it always feels pretty crappy putting kids to bed in fired-up mode. Now it could be argued that we should abide by the infamous marriage advice......"Never go to bed angry." Fortunately, that advice was long ago replaced with............"Always fight naked," and I just don't find that appropriate for child/parent fighting.

And surely by no mistake, living with children is also like living with dementia- they woke up and didn't remember a thing. Except that they were hoping they would still have a cough and wouldn't be able to go to school. So this is where I found them bright and early, hacking up a lung of course:
But don't worry I'm sure they were only hacking up a lung for good measure. They're not really sick; they just sound sick enough that if I took them to school, mamas would be putting me on their hit list and I got 4 babies to take care of. I can't be getting killed off for a bitty cough and slight stuffy nose. And if you ask me, that's the perfect kind of sick anyway.
Here's the angel modeling a new outfit to get prepped for the beach next month. But when the forecast shows this: invites a premature debut of this little number. And it invites me to gladly let the kids stay home from school for a cough. Except for The Sir- his booty got shipped off to school and he didn't argue a bit. The novelty of school is still running thick in his veins. Crossing my fingers it stays that way for............forever.

Yesterday on the way home from school, I asked Dallin how school went and he went on to brag that at the library........."I got a book that shows a woman's privacy............." Now come on, what in the world am I to do with that kind of information? Obviously ask for a follow-up, to which he replied something about an animal book. So was he talking about an animal woman's privacy or a woman woman's privacy? TBD, ya'll.......TBD. And in an effort to move on, I asked what else went on. But he was still stuck on the book..........."It showed this giant picture of a gun." What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is this book he's talking about? But I opted for silence. And he apparently had no more details to share.

Maybe today we all needed a day off from school................!


  1. Ummm, I need that outfit for my future girl! Whether it be this one or the next! It's super adorable!

  2. It's Matt. I am loving the Youtube funnies to replace the traditional Bearstein Bear books. Also Gay, I am loving the advice to fight naked. What other blogpage can I get a two-for-one of this magnitude? :)

  3. Woah. A comment from Matt? I think you just hit big time Gay! The honesty in this post was so refreshing. I know you write honest and not-so-perfect posts regularly but I love that you have moments of pure bliss followed by chaos and yelling. Always good to know I'm in good company!


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