Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When Life Throws you Lemons....

Hopefully someone can make an ice-cold glass of lemonade.

LEMON:I went to make pancakes only to find the Bisquick box....empty.
LEMONADE:Which forced me on this here from-scratch recipe. It brags to be impossible to resist. I tried calling the bluff, but....ate my words. And lots of those pancakes. Conclusion: they're impossible to resist.

LEMON: Dinners have once again been slacking. But let's be honest- during the break there are a lot more meals to be cooking and neighborhood kids to be feeding.
LEMONADE:  Ralph's has the good cereal on sale for $1.99. Ain't nobody complaining about "dinner."

LEMON: Baby girl is growing like a weed and refuses to stop.
LEMONADE: Mama gets to shop!

LEMON: I have 4 kids at ages that leave me a bit handicapped. I can't go too far or too long without my husband in tow.
LEMONADE: He's got a little sister that hooks me up with an extra pair of hands and eyes whenever I need it, and lots of laughs and chit-chats to boot. Word of wisdom to spouse-seekers: find someone that has a cool, much younger little sister. You'll be benefiting for years and thanking me for just as long.

LEMON: The 3rd week out of  school turns into boredom and fighting.
LEMONADE: A get-away is on the agenda {thanks to the sister-in-law and Christy.} We're ready to hit the road. And I hope the door hits me on my way out, giving my booty a push in the right direction. Ready or not, sun and poolside beverages.....here we come.

LEMON: About every 3rd run, I'm in the search of a bathroom and have to stop til I find one. FYI, runners don't stop for #1.
LEMONADE: The diapers made just for that have become my saving grace.....
Ok, just kidding just kidding. I'm still on the hunt for that one, so if you have a glass to offer your parched friend, I'm in desperate need of lemonade.

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  1. I'm so glad you are now converted to pancakes from scratch. It's the only way to go. I also ran into some lemons this morning; wanted to make my own scratch pancakes and found I had no milk...I guess that's what happens when you've been gone for 2 weeks ;-)


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