Thursday, January 5, 2012

"The Desert"

We went to the desert and got our sun fix and pool fix and kid fix. Whoops, that slipped out! I must admit, I can now say I no longer feel on the outs. I moved to this side of town and I'm hearing about 'the desert' this, 'the desert' that. I won't make you go through this torturous conversation- like the many I've endured- without telling you what 'the desert''s Palm Desert, the new Palm Springs. That is the desert. And it lived up to it's reputation.

While there Dallin found summer love. My whole life I thought summer love referred to June-August. But I've redefined it...summer love occurs during any time period that is 80 degrees and sunny. There is nothing more seducing than that combo. We watched him and Avani flirt their way through a full day before their first lovers' quarrel took place....Avani was asking Dallin too many questions about marriage. Who he was going to marry, who he thought she should marry, etc. Came on much too strong for this new, tender relationship. {Lesson to learn, ladies......}

Deeter got yelled at by crabby grandpa at the pool for his unnecessary screaming- no surprise there. I thanked him for shutting that kid up. Felt a bit bad when I saw gramps take the bottle of Jack Daniels out of the backpack and pour it into his cup. I was teaming up with the crabby drunk grandpa to get my child to behave.

Porter's good temperament brought good luck and teamed him up with the other grandpa who played catch with the football in the pool for a good hour. La Gay Gay got a good hour of relaxing thanks to happy grandpa.

Kaia splashed like the best of them and kept her smile on while in the water.

Deeter, Deeter, Deeter. That kid......... I hate putting myself in a pickle like this BUT if I were forced to describe him in one word- one word only without any  ifs, ands, buts- I unfortunately would have to settle on... demanding. A close second would be charming, but a strict one-word, honest answer wouldn't deem that. Demanding hopefully implies bossy, detailed oriented, and pointed.  I mean, we're sitting in the hot tub with the bubbles on and in waltzes Mr. Deets talking about, "I want the bubbles." "No, I want you to bring me the bubbles." And right there, in the comfort of his hot tub, I find myself persuading bubbles to his reach for his entertainment. I know what you're thinking...why don't I just not give in to him. Why don't I show him who's the parent and who's the child. Why don't I break him of these completely unsustainable standards. Which are all very valid suggestions. I find myself in this vicious cycle of obedience, huffing and puffing, and rebellion with him all the time. But somehow I always find myself right back at the beginning....obedience- at his beck and call. And so it is. 
But this child has skills, like he's ready to run an empire. I really think he could handle it. He knows what he's good at and he's opportunistic. With us all being in one hotel room, he knew I had no where to run and hide so he took advantage. His usual operating hours of 8 am-8 pm were generously extended to 5:30 am-9:30 pm to do what he's best at- bossing mama around.

With young kids, I always struggle with what to do with money they receive for birthdays, holidays, etc. But this week, the answer came. All funds {no matter what kid they're intended for} will now go towards an account that pays for Deeter's own hotel room when we travel.

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  1. This is a relief. I'm so glad I won't be met with a blank stare the next time I'm rattling off about 'the desert'. Sounds like you guys had a great time - especially Deeter!


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