Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holy Heart Attack

Imagine my shock yesterday when Porter came walking through the front door at 2:00 in the afternoon....ALONE.
All I could do was look at him. And look at him again to make sure it was REALLY him. "Porter," I said, almost questioningly. 
He kinda did a giggle and said, "What?" with his cute little smile. Crystal clear...he was nervous.
"How did you get home?"
"I walked."
"You WHAT? With who? Why?" I was confused, shocked, and about every other discombobulated emotion. This wasn't making sense at all.
Come to find out, Porter had left after school, before his enrichment class and WALKED HOME ALONE. Which means crossing a major major street. ALONE. We're talking about the boy that when we say, "Porter, look for cars," he looks at the brick wall and declares, "Nope, none are coming." This is the child that gets lost when he's standing right next to me. And somehow this same child managed to get himself home, and home safely. Thank goodness.

Scary day for me. I think some angels were walking him home. Or he's more mature than I give him credit for. Either way, you can imagine that many chit-chats ensued. And many hugs and kisses.


  1. Whew!! I think we do underestimate the ability of our children and their maturity, but walking home?!? In a big city?!? Talk about scary!

  2. oh my goodness i would be freaking!

  3. The other day Kylee was at a friends house and then the Mom text me saying she was going to walk home. 10 minutes later I went looking...and looking and looking. No Kylee and no answer to my call. 45 minutes later I found her at another friends house. The Mom let her in (she doesn't speak English very well) and didn't call or ask me to see if it was okay. Heart attack like you! We almost had the police involved! Those darn-lovable kids of ours! Glad Porter was safe (and hopefully our kids have learned their lessons).

  4. That is crazy!!! And a little bit awesome all at once. I have one question, where were the teachers during his little hiatus? I would be a little worried there.

  5. insane and upsetting! happy he made it home safely. that will probably be a story that is repeated for years!

  6. oh my scary! i would have died. I'm so glad that darling/naughty boy made it home!


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