Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In no Particular Order....

  •  Word searches are competing with sports and the Wii for the boys' free time lately. Restaurant etiquette is being transferred to our own dining room table...they are wanting to do the word searches while they're waiting on their food and eating. {No kids, you actually have to help set the table and talk to your dang family during the meal...SORRY!}
  • Have you ever read "The Glass Castle"? I bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner last night and once again found myself wishing I had her mad chicken picking skills. I feel like I leave way too much meat on the bird. PS If you haven't read that book, do it. I think you'll like it.
  • So lately we've just been having a raw veggie plate sitting around. You know, for snacks, dinner, just whenever. Now we don't force them on the kids- we just have the plate conveniently present. And guess what? They're eating them. And loving them. And so are we... Shoot. Maybe I am "one of those moms." Whatever that means. {But let's be honest...more veggies=more room for Oreos.}

  • Loved yesterday that Yosh gave into my incessant begging for the past 6 1/2 years and finally called in sick to work to unpack our 7 suitcases and just hang out with his sweet wife all day because he was throwing up. Oh I could get used to having that man around all the time. Even if he's sick. Even if he's not unpacking. Isn't it nice just having another human being around?

  • I am not saying anything. I am not insinuating anything. I am simply stating facts. And in case KARMA is in a bad mood today, I am knocking on wood just in case. Yosh, Dallin, Porter, Deeter, and Kaia have all fallen victim to the stomach bug. I have not.


  1. Loved your siblings post. I feel same way for my kids and about my own siblings.

    I guess I'll have to get that book since I have not. Is it sad? I can't do super sad.

    Yes love when the hubby is home...and I'm a big fan. Of sneaking in the veggie not at mealtime only become one of those moms when u stop the Oreos too.

    So does that mean you r gonna try and provide baby girl with a sister?

    Sorry for long comment

  2. This dang bug is nasty! Your one lucky lady :)

  3. Brooke, no baby sis. And Rachel, ur probably not reading this, but quantity isn't totally the issue right?! You've done good! Glass castle isn't totally sad. It's been a cpl yrs but I think you'd be ok.


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