Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Girl Named Gay

There was a little girl who wrote. She didn't know why or even give much thought to why. In 5th grade she put the words together that would serve as the speech at the D.R.U.G ceremony. In 6th grade she wrote a story and at the request of the Reading teacher presented it to every classroom in the school.
Then came middle school and the introduction of love and trouble. Whether for entertainment or as an emotional outlet, poems started to fill blank sheets of paper. Feelings that were either dreamed or possessed were concreted in words. High school found those words to be darker and deeper. And all the while, they were carried around in a red folder.
The red folder that found it's way into a memory box. Meanwhile, this girl continued to write. But mainly for others, trying to please college professors with words that would earn an A. What she loved to do got lost in the search for a career. When she decided her career was to be a mom, she forgot about her other love.
But that memory box that traveled from St. Louis to New Mexico, to Idaho, to Utah, finally made it to California. And somehow the girl remembered that red folder. The red folder that represented her drive to express herself, to let feelings meet paper. She took it out, and touched it, and then she remembered.....that's what she loves to do.

Welcome to "A girl named Gay." So let's be honest, the content is the same as my other blog, but the merge allows me one have a blog named after me. I know, it's completely self-indulgent. I confess. But somehow taking the family heading off gives me some mental liberation- like it's ok that a large portion of the content is about my musings and thoughts and what happens in my life, not just my kids. In addition, with the  liberty the internet allows, I get to live out my childhood dreams and have writing that bares my name!

So take a minute and look around. I've added a couple additional pages up top and linked to some previously written favorite posts on the side. If you really want to flatter me, become a follower. If not, just keep coming back- I stalk too!

xoxo gay


  1. love the new blog! at least as much as the old one! i gotta say, i am so glad to know this girl named gay. :)

  2. I have been meaning to tell you this but I feel a comment on the new blog would be just as appropriate. When I took a sneak peek at the new bloggity, I knew good things were to come! I am so excited for what a girl named gay has in store. I think it turned out perfect. So excited for you!

  3. Such a good writer Gay Gay, can't wait to read future posts!

  4. So excited to continue reading at your new site! Hope you had a great Christmas and a fantastic 2012!!!

  5. even if there is another girl named gay...she doesn't compare to you. you are the bestest!


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