Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why we need girlfriends

The problem here is pretty obvious.
The remedy was just as obvious. It was just a matter of FORCING it to happen.

Just as Christy had to drag me out of my house 2 days before Kaia was born to get a hair cut, she had to force her hand again. She hadn't seen my hair down in almost 3 months and knew, once again, an intervention was necessary. Which is why she showed up to my house with scissors in hand ready to remedy the problem.

I get the look and respond with, "What? You don't like it?"
"Those leggings....they're a bit much for me but.... if you like them, you rock them."
{Well thanks for the permission bc they were already ready to be rocked.}
I show up to destination Beautiful Baby Lyla's Blessing, where the compliments come unsolicited.

{ignore the picture minus the tights. who knows what I was doing....}

My husband had me walking around thinking I looked like a kook. But my girls had me thinking I looked HOT.

And this right here is why we all need girlfriends in our lives.


  1. husbands opinions can rarely be trusted when it comes to fashion . your girls are right, those tights are awesome! and your haircut is darling! i miss you!! (there is an instructor at the gym who reminds me so much of you, so i think of you fondly each friday :)and of course every time i read your blog, which is so often these days!! how do you do it???)

  2. I didn't know how much I needed girlfriends til I had such great ones. Your whole ensemble on Sunday was fab - even with your hair up! Thanks for helping me realize how good life can be with a girlfriend like you.


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