Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heart to Heart

While walking through school the other day (may I take a moment to bask and add...hand in hand):

Porter's gym coach in passing: "Poooorrrrrrrrrrter, what's up?"
Porter: Weirdish smile, kinda looks away.
Me, whispering: "Porter, don't you wanna say hi to him?"
Porter: "Uh, hi."
(Gym coach has now passed.)
Me: "Porter, why does it make you shy when he says hi to you?"
Porter: "I just don't know what "What's up" means."

This is the sweet boy we're talking about. Our Porter Pistol Pope Hansen. We really struggled with the decision of what to do with Porter this year, school-wise. He's a late birthday which meant he could do another year of pre-school or start Kindergarten. I lost many a nights sleep over this decision starting April '10. I made decisions. I went back on decisions. I lost money because of going back on those decisions. I was sure. Then I wasn't sure. Many times I tried to convince myself I was at peace. But I wasn't. I followed my heart and kept trying until it led me to the path that just felt right. (wait, was that path suggested by my husband? posible.)

He's enrolled in Kindy and we couldn't have a better match of a teacher. As evidenced by one of his morning greetings:

That's right....a surf report. Just in case you missed the morning news.

He's a rebel in the most awesomely, school way. He starts the day in Converse and changes to flip flops at the first given chance. He only returns to his Converse for any needed trip to the office. And he gives surf reports. He is an obvious endorser of individuality and we were concerned about our individual child. Enough said.

What's the lesson learned from all this? Patience. Learning what it feels like to make the right decision. While in the process, I always question it. I always want to give in and compromise peace for "now" and doubt that the perfect solution will present itself. I think, "Will there ever come a point where my mind and heart will sync up?" Often times it feels like that won't happen, that I've exhausted all my options and still there's no peace to be found. But if I don't give in, they- the mind and the heart- almost always catch up to each other. Sometimes a unique option arises; sometimes it just requires time to mold me a new set of eyes for one of the original choices. Just as was the case with the Pistol.

And what amazes me is it's the same process whether picking a school for your child or furniture  for your backyard. In the last month, I've almost bought many sub-desired pieces to have the decision done with and out of the way. But had I given in to mediocrity, I would have missed out on these beauties:

its a winner

And I do NOT like missing out. I'm in looooooooooove!

Which is why I hope to remember this lesson~
Be patient.
Have faith.
You've been here before.
Your mind won't fail you.
But neither will your heart.
Wait til they find each other. 
Then revel in the peace.
You'll never regret the wait.


  1. I love this post. Especially the last part,thank you for the reminder!
    Love that cute little porter too....good job momma for listening to your gut

  2. That is so cute and such an innocent comment by Porter. I can all too well identify with exactly what you're talking about. I love this post, so true and right.

    BTW, LOVE the outdoor patio set too. Just think, if you had bought it you wouldn't have broken your toes. Oh man!


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