Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"How is life with 4?" you may ask. Well, I have the perfect incident to illustrate life with four, and ironically it only involves three. The other day I went to pick Porter up from preschool and make good on my promise of taking him to this little play area on the grounds. So, with Deeter on one hip and the baby carrier swinging from my elbow, I made my way to his classroom. I was a few minutes early, which allowed Deetz to wander the room. The baby carrier was on the table and as the moms filed in to pick up their kids, a lot of ooooohing and aaahing took place as baby girl does not make frequent appearances in the classroom. In the midst of this, Porter escapes and makes him way to the playground (which is essentially the next room over, although outside) only to be escorted back by the preschool director. I picked up the baby carrier and quickly went outside to retrieve him. Out there I started looking for Deeter, maybe assuming he had followed his brother. In the chaos of so many people filling the room at once, I got a little panicked thinking I let Deeter out of my sight. The director asked if everything was ok, and I told her I might be missing one more. Although I appear to be very laid-back, believe it or not I always know where my kids are and am keeping an eye on them or am very comfortable that they are in a place I trust. Well Deeter wasn't at the play area and the parking lot is too close for comfort and momentary frantic set it as I knew Deeter had absolutely no sense of boundaries in this setting! Maybe it was only a minute that passed- but a long, sickening minute- until I found him....in my arms. Seriously? I was carrying him the whole time? The answer is yes. I have definitely entered the fog stage of having a newborn and trying to keep up with the others! This is by far the best case scenario for me being "careless"! So that is how it is taking care of three kids...you can only imagine how things are going taking care of four!


  1. oh man, that was hilarious. a real lol moment for me :) it is the worst feeling not knowing where your kid is even for a minute. i wish i knew what the director was thinking ha ha ha.

  2. oh bless you...that is hilarious.
    I don't know how you do it...but I know you are the most amazing mom so if anyone could do it, it's you.

    I'm glad you had a blonde moment.


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