Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow, the attempts to get a decent Sunday picture. Take note that this was the first day I did Deeter's hair and thought it appropriate to document it. He thought is appropriate to document how he will be feeling the next 5 years as we go through the hair-doing bouts. I'm kinda worn out- he might have already won. And did I strategically dress my boys? Well, it depends how you define strategy. I saw the tie Yosh had on and secretly went with it. I compromised with Porter to let him wear his green, glow-in-the-dark alien shirt as his "secret shirt" under his purple shirt. (I have to say though, the green shirt went perfectly with the green chucks that he wore!) Minimal strategy! And a decent Sunday. Our night ended with a dance party. I should upload some of the video footage as it is quite hilarious. But I think I'll settle for a few pics that only kind of capture the rage of the moves!

And if you're wondering if those boys and Tessa (must say, the Superman costume legitimately threw me off for a minute!) are doing the worm, the answer is YES!

Resisted the urge to send these characters out trick-or-treating to the neighbors....


  1. good strategy with wearing the secret shirt underneath! i must try that with chase..he is quite particular. a little sad that we missed out on most of the dance party...but both kids fell asleep on the way home, so that would explain the tantrums they were throwing as we were leaving. and i love that last pic and wish we really did send them trick or treating.

  2. You are funny, your boys are so cute.

  3. So much fun! You sure know how to throw a last minute party!


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