Thursday, July 29, 2010

I think I might be getting in trouble. I'm a little afraid for the boys to go to sleep as I think I just might get a talkin to. Dallin has skipped summer camp two days in a row. But I mean he did say his tummy hurt last night. And then again this morning. Can't send a kid to camp like that. Maybe last night he would have loved to sleep in my bed. And just maybe today I did take the boys to Hurricane Harbor which was AWESOME. Highlights of the trip would be the wave pool and the lazy river, where we practically took a family nap (on the nice double raft we rented before an unsuspecting innocent mom claimed it as her own.) But there's a big difference between camp and Hurricane Harbor. Don't really know what it is, but definitely a big difference. Today (and apparently yesterday too) is why I am not a believer of summer camp. I like chillin. Believe it or not, even with my kids. And if the sun is out and strong there ain't no stoppin us. The other day this is how I found my boys when they asked if they could watch a show.

Kind of epitomizes summer.

A more recent pic of our monster. I'll tell you #3 will go to all extremes to be part of the group. And he is strong and determined. It's been pretty entertaining to watch. He has yet to take even a single solo step but has managed to scale and climb anything and everything.

A little family pic at the San Diego Zoo. Didn't see any mating of animals this year. Saved us from one of those funny conversations with a three and five year old!
--Yosh's edit: We did happen to meet up with a family from Dallin's t-ball team.  Dallin and Cooper are both confident, talkative boys.  Anyway, they encountered a zebra who was just standing there fully aroused.  They couldn't help but SCREAM their observations...."What? He has a fifth leg. Oh my gosh ... His fifth leg is broken in half!! GROSS!!!  Look at that everyone, it's broken!.."  They drew plenty of attention from the crowd; I was bent over laughing, completely incapacitated.  No further explanation needed, it was simply a broken leg.

Here's to more summer adventures and only one more day of summer camp! if we make it...


  1. One more example of super mom. Can I sign my kids up for summer camp at Gay's house?

  2. I love your boys! They are so darling. Um that story is amazing about the zebra's! AHHHH i was laughing so hard.
    Miss you guys?! When can we get together!!


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