Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preparing for Disneyland.......

Closing down the 8 o'clock........ok and we only got there at 5 but Anneli and I were still the cool moms who closed down the park. You remind my kids of that someday.

And don't act shocked that my boy is gallivantin in nothing but his boxers and flip flops. Wouldn't be the Hansen clan if the boys were actually fully clothed by the end of the night. (Just be glad I brought extra undies. Otherwise.....yikes, that might be a scary thing to see, even if he is only a 2 yr old.) And yes, this does document Deeter's first trip to D-land.


  1. how fun!! You coming with us to Disneyland when we come out right?!?! if not can we take the boys with us?!??? cant wait to see you guys :)

  2. Seriously adorable picture of Dallin and Deeter! That's gonna be a classic when they're older.

  3. Oh so cute!!!! I love Disneyland!!

  4. Hey...we missed you at the mission reunion last week. My grandma and great grandma were there....I was just missing my mom!! Love ya


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