Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm not a camper. And adventure to me sounds like going to a new beach with a new brand of sunscreen. But...I do make exceptions and I am taught a thing or two about other adventures and cool parts of this world. So we headed up to the Sequoias after an invite was extended. But don't worry, I only make some was set up at a lodge, not in a tent! It really was such a fun place to explore and discover. We hiked down to General Sherman, THE biggest tree ever. Or maybe oldest. I don't remember that detail all of a sudden. Maybe it's both. But here he is...muy grande.

We also did a little hike down to a cave. Pretty cool. And not to mention the refreshing 50 degree natural AC down there when it was like a hundred degrees outside. I need to find a way to tap into that source...

Yosh and I were chatting as we saw the "Beware of Bears" signs how we just never have had that opportunity. Despite jaunts to Yellowstone or other bear infested places, no luck. I kid you not, within 5 minutes we saw this....

Guess we won't be having that convo anymore. Anyways great place, great fun!


  1. you didn't tell me you saw a bear. that is pretty scary. i just heard about someone who was eaten by a bear. no joke.

  2. Gay, awesome pictures. Two questions: Did you cut off Porter P's curls?? And did Mike punch Seth (?) in the stomach in that group picture?;o) Looks like good times!!!!

  3. love the group pic - seth looks reaally excited to be in it. ;)


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