Sunday, August 2, 2009

How gay can straight boys get?

At least this gay. Seriously, who sits themselves like this? Only this group of boys!

And because these guys love each other so much, the rest of us got to join in the fun in the sun in St Jorge.

As Yosh and I were driving somewhere one night, Dallin and Sophie rode together in one car and John and Porter in the other car. Yosh commented that it was about Dallin and Sophie's age (plus a year) that him and DJ met each crazy!

It really was such good times. I love the sun, good food, good chats, lots of laughing, and a little bit of tennis. The perfect vacation! Can't wait for it to happen again!

You know I should give Yosh a little shout out for my bday this year. I can be somewhat critical of our "special days." You know, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, etc. I try to explain to him that I just want to feel special. (I could cite specific examples of what has happened on these days but you'd probably just pee your pants laughing so hard and I can't provide that kind of comedic relief right now!) My career choice doesn't ever give me grand reviews or raises or much appreciation. And that's ok, that's what I signed up for. BUT the aforementioned days, it doesn't hurt to make me feel special, like I'm more than a girl who feeds, cleans, taxis, wipes bums, etc. It's the typical male/female conversation. He thinks I'm saying I want a big present, I'm honestly saying I just want to be made feel special for more than a minute. I think this year he got the point, and this was the result....

He took me to Newport Beach for the weekend! He picked out a hotel on his own, lined up a baby-sitter (thanks Nanc!), had dinner reservations, had chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us... He put thought into it and I loved it! He said the idea was I got him for the whole weekend- no work, no ESPN, no kids, no nothing to divert his attention and I loved it! It was lovely... love my baby!


  1. Good job Yosh! That sounds like my kind of weekend!

  2. Glad the blessing went well and that you had fun days with all your cute boys. I love that Yosh had to specify that "no espn" is part of the gift. Really, no fantasy sports for a whole weekend! Boy, do I ever relate to that one!

  3. spoiled, i'd say. just kidding. sounds like a perfect weekend that you totally deserve!

  4. How nice! Ok, seriously...we could have passed each other on the road at least 6 times this weekend! We live in Cedar City (we're 45 mins. from St. George) and we just got back from a trip to california. when we were there we went to corona del mar. Dang...we need to call each other and coordinate these things.

  5. Oh yes are husbands seriously are gay ... pretty sure they are groping each other too! MAJOR bonus points to Josh on your birthday, my kind of present!!!!!!!! I need Matt to understand that now ....

  6. Wow! Tell Yosh to give my husband some pointers. I want to hear stories later about the past and I will be prepared to pee. Missed you at the reunion :)

  7. You are so lucky! How nice... We have the SAME conversation every time one of those special days rolls around!

  8. Yay Yoshie! This is what every woman needs and someday we will get to take a nice vacation just us, lovely ladies. Love Pistol's hair in the above pic. Too cute for words!


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