Thursday, July 16, 2009

This past Sunday Deeter was blessed and it was his special day. I really love blessing days. You know I'm super excited obviously the day the baby is born, but the day they get blessed, I have really built an individual relationship with that baby and it is a celebration of them. I don't know if that makes sense, but because of that I just love that day! Anyway Sunday was Deeter's day and it was neat just to think of him and what an impact he has already had on our family and to think of what is to come with him. He's a special little man. My parents, Yosh's mom, and Lucas and Camilla and Amelia all traveled in from out of town to celebrate with us. Everyone was tons of help in preparing for the festivities and making it an awesome day. We also had all our good friends show up to support the little man on his day also. That being said it made the day absolutely perfect to me!

And to document the day, a few pics....

The many faces of Pistol! This is as good as it's going to get!


  1. You seriously make the cutest kids. I wish we could see them more often! Congrats on such a special day.

  2. Super cute, Gabby. Looks like an awesome day.

  3. I am glad it was a special day- I can't wait to meet Deeter!

  4. I love blessing days too. Not only do you have a sense of who they are, but you feel like you get an even better sense of their impact on the world. It's all really exciting.

  5. Wish we could've been there! You guys make the most perfect family! Deeter is such a cutie. The apple doesn't seem to fall far from the tree when it comes to cuteness in your family. Precious boy! Miss you Gay!


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