Monday, March 9, 2009

A Dallin conversation: Yosh and him were going over "opposites" the other night. He seemed to be getting the hang of the concept, nailing five in a row. Even in a sticky spot, he seemed to be able to redeem himself. Yosh said, "old." Not knowing the response, he came back with, "Not old." While not completely accurate, it showed he was understanding. Then Yosh said, "Bald." Dallin said, "Daddy, what's bald." Yosh explained that when you get older your hair starts to fall out and therefore, you become bald. Dallin processed that and then questioned, "So, Daddy, when i get 4, is my hair going to fall out?" Love it!


  1. Dallin is so precious. We had a great conversation with him today at the game. He was telling us that he has tons and tons of motorcycles. I said Wow, that is cool. How many is a ton, he said "Like...A few!" So cute!


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