Friday, February 27, 2009


Yosh and I hadn't seen each other in almost 2 weeks due to conflicting travel schedules, if you will. I felt like those were two crucial weeks in my pregnancy progression. When he left, I was definitely showing but really seemed to pop out while he was gone.

I picked him up from the airport, we went home, hung out for awhile and he offered no observation on his own. So while getting ready for bed, we had the following conversation:
"So have I grown a lot since you last saw me?"
Yosh takes a moment to evaluate and responds, "Yea, your arms are huge."
Thanks, but I was talking about my belly and NOTHING ELSE!


  1. I am glad he said your arms and not another body part. I would take my boobs getting bigger as a compliment and that is about the only body part.

  2. those thankfully are growing as well, but like you, i take that as a compliment! a small reward for being pregnant, huh!!!

  3. Gosh, I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time! That was not at all what I was expecting to read:) Anyway, I'm sure your arms are beautiful!

  4. Hubby's always have a knack for saying just the WRONG thing don't they?

  5. was he really serious?? i can't picture your arms getting huge ever! even when you're pregnant you stay super trim! lucky lady.

  6. such a classic guy response :-) You gotta love 'em!

  7. Hi Gay,
    congradulations on 3 BOYS! I have 6 boys of my own so I know what you are in for. They are fun though. Check out my blog.
    Jen McClanahan Decker

  8. ...or is that 1 word? I don't know...


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