Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Laughing so hard you peed your pants and sleepovers

As I lay in bed last night not able to find sleep anywhere, my mind started one of those crazy journeys that you never know where it will take you. Well this journey ended up being a good one. All of a sudden I was in 7thgrade at my friend Cindy Whitlow's sleepover. She had quite a few girls over that night and we were all out playing night tag. Laurie Brader and I were hiding together and being very, very sneaky. We were hiding on the side of this building and had a plan to take off across this little short cut that went through the woods and then to back to Cindy's house. For whatever reason, Laurie was going to go first and then I was going to follow. She took off at full speed, adrenaline amping her speed for the fear of getting caught. I was on the look out to make sure no one was coming. As I turned around to make my escape, I saw the funniest sight. Laurie was literally extended in mid-air, neither hands nor feet touching the ground. The complete darkness didn't reveal the full story. As I slowly walked closer, already in giggles, I saw that there was a fence there. Obviously neither one of us had seen this fence when devising our plan and it turned out to be quite the impediment! We both began laughing so hard, and the laughing continued and continued...until I finally peed my pants from laughing so hard!! The conclusion I came to last night... Life doesn't get much better than laughing so hard you pee your pants. Those moments don't come all too often, and when they do, that must mean life is good, at least in that very specific moment!
The other thing I got to thinking about was sleepovers. Remember staying up til all hours of the night, laughing at absolutely nothing at all, telling super scary stories, and sharing deep, dark secrets? And then remember the parents yelling down periodically to keep it down, that it was 2 in the morning, that they've asked us how many times to talk just a little quieter? And remember that each time this parent made such an unreasonable request you promised to yourself that when you got older you would be the cool parent that didn't care how late you stayed up and didn't care how loud you were? I remember those promises, and to be honest I'm a little nervous about sticking to those promises. Just don't know if I'll have it in me. Squealing girls til 4 am, fighting boys, endless games, basically just tons of fun.... we'll have to see. Now as I was thinking about this last night, I again came to a conclusion. I don't know how different we are as adults. Even in our adult lives aren't those some of the memories that stick out the most, when we stayed out way too late with our friends, laughing about nothing, coming up with the funniest/stupidest jokes, and playing games? The only difference is that we don't wake our sleeping kids up so they can't come yell at us and tell us to be quiet. See, kids and adults aren't all that different. I'll need to remember that in 5 or so years when the late night sleepovers start.


  1. True... true! Well written and well put. "Peeing your pants IS the coolest!" Those are great times and great memories. I just hope I have a house big enough by then so I don't hear my kids laughing at 3am.

  2. I, of course, have had my pants-peeing moments. They are fond memories. Thanks for bringing them back for me!

  3. it was well written.

    but sadly i'm on the...pee my pants all the time so its never fun to pee camp...just makes me want to cuss

    and i'm so not letting my kids have sleepovers cause thats when i got in my most trouble that my parents never knew about...maybe cousins only...see i am not cool.

  4. Amy told me some fun news about you! I hope it's not a secret. Congrats!! :)


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