Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Officially a Grown up

Although I don't have pictures as proof, or maybe a few mediocre ones at that, I proved this Christmas season that I'm a grown up. With the help of my sister, we put on a fabulous Christmas Eve dinner, cooking the whole thing ourselves, which turned out to be a good half day project. Have to say that things turned out well and Yosh has been referring to this meal as my "coming out dinner." Not quite sure what it means. The connotations kind of scare me a bit, but I think he means well!

Here is the spread that is significantly less flattering due to my very unprofessional photography skills. But it was a spread and it was delicious!

This was the first year I was truly Santa's helper and I think that definitely projects you into adulthood. Putting toys together, stuffing stockings, and being not so sneaky since the boys are only 2 and 3 (we were able to leave empty toy boxes in our room and not be found out that we helped Santa!) was our Christmas Eve. Then Christmas day was spent putting even more toys together. The life of a parent you know. And did I mention I had to be woken up on Christmas morning? Yes, I'm an adult. It was a good day, loved it!


  1. Gay it looks AWESOME!! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas oh and loved your card! Also you look gorgeous as always and your boys are SO big!!

  2. You go girl! Welcome to mad holiday cooking...aahhhh!! Congrats!

  3. so much prep and gone so quickly. i am going to try to milk having others cook christmas meals for me for as long as i can.

  4. Wish we were there to enjoy it! Something yummy about great home cooking. Guess that is why it makes Christmas even more special. Merry Christmas!


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