Thursday, October 2, 2008

Farewell my longtime friends... I will not miss you one bit

A little less than 3 1/2 years ago Amy Rosevear gave us her dad's moving boxes as we journeyed out to CA. Since they were such good boxes and remained in good condition, we saved them in our garage once we got there. But they didn't remain there long as 14 months later we were packing up again, and then 19 months later......... and then 8 months later. Yes I know, I get it, way too much packing up and moving. Believe me I'm so done with that. The good news... Yosh broke down all the boxes and they are getting picked up on Tuesday! No more toting them around and if we are need of moving boxes anytime in the near future I am disappearing... probably to Mexico. And don't come looking for me.


  1. kill me! What a comedian of a sister I have:) I'm excited that you're in a place for the long term now. All I need to do is come visit you!

  2. Yes, give away the boxes and start LIVING IT UP!!! Looks like the house is BIG so plenty of room for more least 3 or 4 more!!!! ALRIGHT!!!

  3. Oh man what a good feeling! I totally know how all that moving shenanigan goes! Im glad you guys are all settled in and I cant wait to come and see it!

  4. We were gearing up for an obstacle course with those boxes. I guess the kids will just have to get a bunch of balls stuck in the back bushes for entertainment.

  5. Love the new pics, going to check her website right now! They are darling!


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