Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shut the front door. You will never believe what I bought today. As my recent post divulged, I am a sucker for chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. So you can imagine my disbelief when to add to this goodness, we had chewy chips ahoy chocolate, chocolate chip (make note of the chocolate) white fudge cookies. At this point, I can't report on the actual taste of the new product, as I am saving this indulgence for when I am once again prepared to eat half a bag - that's right, you heard me, half a bag- of these things. I am still in somewhat of a state of shock that this is now on the market. It's one of those things though that when you see it, you think,"Absolutely. Of course this is a must-have cookie flavor." There is no second guessing whether or not a bag will be in your cart. Only makes perfect sense.

Other news, we moved today. Good things about the move:
#1 I can wear a different pair of jeans instead of the same pair I've worn the past 5 consecutive days due to my premature packing.
#2 We are now 10 minutes closer to most of our friends, so they will no longer have an excuse to avoid us.
#3 Multiple trips to the Goodwill to secretly empty Yosh's memory boxes- homeboy is a packrat. Every trip brings a renewed sense of accomplishment.

That's all I can think of for now.......


  1. we are so excited for you guys!! We cant wait to come see the new place. Dev is extatic to have her cousins come here to visit and "drive" with her :)

  2. congrats on the move! hope you get settled in smoothly. make up a room for me real pretty!

  3. I can seriously feel your pain about the "memory" box thing. Matt has like 5 "boxes from high school." I have a shoe box with some love letters and a dried rose and I could probably chuck those and not feel too bad about it.

  4. Packrat...hmmm...that sounds so familiar! Who else do I know that's a packrat?

  5. Did you seriously post on move day? Hope that means all went well. Save us some cookies!

  6. how have you not opened the bag yet? you know you DON't have real problems if that is the case. I bought me a bag of peanut butter m&m's at Target today - and I am not talking the small little bag at the check out counter, I am talking the medium bag and the thing is over half gone. you know what they say "the job isn't done until the bag of peanut butter m&m's is gone". don't worry, I will finish the job tonight.

  7. cant tell ya how much we love the chewy oatmeal ones. very addicting...

  8. Congrats on moving!!! I want to see more pics of the inside and we miss you guys!!

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