Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monogamy? Oh no, not from me.

As you may or may not have noticed, I updated my "friends" list on the side. Although I'm sure i missed a few, this was basically a way of divulging those whom I stalk. Take a close look. You might see your best friend that I've never met, your sister who doesn't even know me, or possibly even your husband's blog. But don't hate. I never committed to a monogamous blogging relationship. And I never will. Take it or leave it... this is the DTR. I got enough love to go around. So don't dump me now (Laura Anderson!! ha ha!)


  1. Wow Gabby! You should be a private investigator.

    This blogging stuff is why I totally have zero time for TV. Sad for me!

  2. hmmm...I don't know what I should be more upset about, that we are not good enough to satisfy your blog reading needs, or that I don't see any of my friends or family on people that you stalk.

  3. Like Laura, a little sad that none of my friends/family made the cut. We all know that I keep tabs on Yosh's sister. I think Yosh spit some Coke Zero when I said that I'd noticed she'd moved into her new house. I'll have to introduce you to some of my blogging buds.

  4. you crack me up!
    i love this post.


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