Wednesday, December 5, 2007

You may think because I haven't posted in so long that nothing interesting has been going on in our lives. Al contrario my friend. A lot has been happening. So why haven't I posted? Just lazy. Maybe selfish- I prefer to read everyone else's instead of work on my own. And to be honest, i'm not even giving an interesting post this time. I know, boring. But that's okay. So anyway we had a lovely weekend in Utah over Thanksgiving. it was fun seeing everybody. We ate a lot of food, played some games, and mainly relaxed. We hid out on Black Friday and didn't do an ounce of shopping. I wonder if I'll ever do that.... I hate crowds, so probably not. Despite my dislike of crowded places (and cold weather), I did accompany my sweet husband to the BYU/Utah game. Well-worth it? Absolutely. First off, on the way down to the game Yosh was seriously smiling from ear to ear the whole ride. I asked what he was so happy about. He replied that he just loved that he was taking his whole family to the game. So simple to please! I'm glad I didn't bail as I had been planning to do the whole week. And it really wasn't bad. We went all bundled up and had blankets, so we weren't cold and we missed all the traffic on the way out. And we still saw the incredible ending, which would be the second reason it was worth going to. Exciting ending to a somewhat boring game. Overall, great week.
I do have to say, I came home being reminded that I LOVE southern California's weather and that i still do not like cold weather. Period. Don't think there is much hope in that arena. That wouldn't be so depressing and so heavily on my mind except that... we are most likely leaving our piece of heaven on earth to a lot less sunny and warm place, London. It sounds like Josh's work is pretty serious about opening an office over there and they've asked him to go. For better or worse, that usually means I tag along! I'm sure it will be a great experience/opportunity blah, blah, blah, but let's get down to the bottom line... it's going to be overcast and chilly. Oh well, we'll deal with it. And I will be back. In fact, Ive decided that when we move back, we'll be living much closer to the beach. Executive decision I made all on my own.
So that's the dirt.

PS I just finished reading a good, informing book called "Enrique's Journey" if anyone is looking for a good read. Thought provoking. Read at your own risk.


  1. Sweet! London! Sign us up for a visit. When is all this going to happen?

  2. Caleb also asks if Josh is seeking employees cuz Caleb is graduating soon and wouldn't mind an international business, seriously though!

  3. What, what, what, what, what! Hello guys give us a call....I want details of when this little adventure is going down and whatever else you want to tell me! How exciting, scary, crazy, awesome, and everything else!
    Lets talk soon
    Love ya guys

  4. Gabrielle, I'm in sunny ole England right now, its about 6 degrees!! Alright, when I get home you'll have to check my blog, I'm going to try and post about the things I miss, England has a quality and a charm that just can't be beat, just enjoying an extremly festive mince pie, uummm, delish!!

  5. Gay, You just get farther and farther away from us. But what a funa great adventure. What a BIG move. How will you move everything over there? I ran into Angela at Walmart the other day. She asked how you were doing. I need to give you a call and catch up. And yes the football was great. We headed to the mall and JJ popped his head in Fanz and checked the score. We ended up at Applebees for the 4th quarter and got a drink. Which was all of the game we really needed to see anyways. Which was perfect, I got my shopping in with less crowds and JJ got the game. Kinda ( he didn't get to go)

  6. ok so i heard about London but didnt realize they were serious!!! tell them they cant take the boys away. I guess we will just have to pack are bags and come visit :) when will you most likely move?

  7. I thought I had already commented, but guess not.

    Holy Crap! That is so cool. I'm sad to see you go. When? When?

    Lets get my B and your P married? Eh?

    Say hi to madge and gwenny!

  8. I was hoping since we hadn't talked about it in a while, maybe it was happening!! And I don't like this executive decision to move to the beach. what is wrong with the good ole SFV?

  9. You know I don't usually comment.....but your blog has pierced me through the heart. Its a sad day in Anderson land and I can't even honor the thought of you guys leaving us for two years. And then to top it off you will come home and move farther away from us.

    We might as well end the friendship now. Why wait.

  10. The last comment from Laura, was actually from me, her husband. Sorry.


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