Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yosh had a b-day

So I'll be honest, I have a lot of good posts in the workings, but I have to do it little by little so that I don't run out of material and leave the blog high and dry for too long. That being said, they are going to be out of order chronologically, but this first one I feel like it deserves to be posted somewhat close to the time of its occurrence... Yosh's birthday. It just wouldn't have the same effect if it were posted two months after the fact.
Anyways, the Yosh Train McGain turned the big 2-7 on Tuesday. I have to say I feel like 27 is a whole different playing field that 26. When you turn 27, all of a sudden it feels a lot closer to 30 that 25 or, more obviously, 20. But 26 still has you feeling like you're a young one. I for the last 5 months have been in the era of "late twenties" while Yosh has been relishing in the "mid-twenties" so it is good to have that gap closed and not having me feeling like an old woman compared to the young lad I married!
The birthday festivities were a lot of fun. Monday night we pulled a quick one on him and had a surprise dinner for him at one of his favorite restaurants, "Fogo de Chao". It was funny, Yosh and I pulled up as the friends were still waiting to be seated. Through the glass doors, I catch onto this very quickly. I see heads looking out the window and then disappearing in a haste. As most of you know, my husband is not the most observant person when it comes to things like this, so there was really no reason to worry. Timing worked out perfectly and they were literally probably seated 45 seconds before we were and all in position to be waiting to surprise him. The food was enjoyable and the company was great. Overall it made for an incredible night and Yosh thoroughly enjoyed it. That night after we left and the next day, he made the comment more that once, "That was such a rich experience." It was fun to do something he really enjoyed.

This is the crew that went: (L to R) Dave and Brooke, Yosh and I, Matt and Laura, Anneli and Jon-o (who Yosh said was in rare form that night, muchos funny comments apparently), Carrie and Xander.

Of course this was only day 1 as Yosh has two lovely boys that needed to celebrate as well. So on Tuesday, the boys and I went to Ralph's and they each picked a milestone balloon to bring to him at work. This was more of a celebration that you would ever think because every time , that's right- every time- we walk in to Ralph's, the boys start going nuts looking at the balloons. They love balloons. I always let them hold one as we go grocery shopping if they want to, but this time they actually got to leave the store with one. That's a big deal. When we got to Josh's office, Dallin was in control, marching around with balloons in hand, and asking everyone matter-of-factly, "Where's Yosh? I have balloons for him." It was cute. So we had a nice little visit with Yosh. When he got home from work we had a nice homemade dinner waiting for him with a cake that Dallin helped me make. This year we did a huge homemade Oreo cookie for a cake. It was fabulous. As you can see the boys helped him blow out the candles.
Then Dallin wanted to continue relighting the candles, singing "Happy Dirtday" as he was saying, and blow them out again. So Yosh had a moment of glory but as always the focus quickly shifted to the little ones! It was a fun day.

So Yosh, to let the special day linger out a little longer, Happy Birthday. I love being on the journey of life with you! You make it fun and interesting!!! Love you!

Upcoming features: Our new birth control. Don't get nervous it is very clean.


  1. I am getting excited for the BC talk. I remember now that Yosh has a december birthday because his gifts usually roll into 1 big one B-day-christams-anniversary! Isn't it so weird how a year can go by so fast. Your hair is getting so long, I think this is the longest I have seen it. It looks so pretty.

  2. huummmm, I'm wondering, is the birth control that you don't need any for the next 9 months?!!! looks like a fun b'day but 27 is still young from this side of 30!

  3. you crack me up...happy birthday to your hubby. dude you are still babies...cause i'm 28 going on 29!

  4. yay!! I was so happy to make a cameo on the blog. i know what you mean about being in "late 20s", it is a very different feel. i always like to hear those dallin b stories. and that oreo looked real good. how bout you make me one of those?

  5. and p.s. - matt pointed out to me that you had a new post - so he totally keeps up on the blogging world however much fun he makes of us!


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