Thursday, August 2, 2007

Witnesses to History... almost!

Yosh and Dallin were determined to be at the ball park when Barry Bonds hit the record-breaking homerun. They got suited up in their Dodger gear and went to the stadium to wait and witness. Barry Bonds got up to bat several times (I think three times). Each time the stadium roared to life- even though a lot of the noise was the crowd booing Barry Bonds- hoping that, despite the overall dislike they felt towards Bonds, they would be there when history was made. Unfortunately, last night was not the n
ight. I know Yosh is still dying to get tickets to tonight's game- we'll see if it happens. The attitude out hear seems to be that he has no interest in breaking the record here in LA due to the rivalry. Who knows. You just have to ready. You never know when history is going to be made...


  1. hey lil dall man you a stud!!! we miss you and po po com and see us soon. Your cousin devree would ove to play!!!

  2. Lin sure had fun at the game with the boys! Even though Barry Bonds is a total freakshow, it is still one for the record books.
    Baby Norah really wanted to go to the game too, but I told her she'll have to wait for next season for her first Dodger game.

  3. Well I hope that while you were not able to witness history, you were able to get better seats then we all had last time!

  4. Tell Dallin not to be too disappointed, I saw Bonds hit a homer a couple years ago at a Padres game, but Matt missed it b/c he was looking in the crowd for his family! Sucks for him. The crowd booed him then too!

  5. cute pic of DB. I am glad Matt's arm made the post.

  6. laura only you would recognize that that is Matt's arm... i thought it was Josh's!!


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