Friday, July 6, 2007

Still gives me the butterflies....

The other day Yosh and I went on a reminiscent date of our first date which took place on June 30, 2003. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is what really gives me the flutters, is when I think about our very beginnings. Our anniversary is nice and all, but I just don't get the magical sensation like I do when I think of how it all started with Yosh. You know... the very beginning before we were anywhere close to marriage.

Our night started our with a fantastic dinner at Casa Gallardo Grill filled with great conversation. There are a few key attributes that still stand out from that conversation... we both loved to nap, Yosh was so layed back, and the conversation was so smooth even though it was basically a blind date. After dinner we went to a ball game. I remember about halfway through the game I had unconsciously kind of leaned my knees in towards Yosh, and then I caught myself! I remember thinking, "What are you doing! You just met this guy!" I'll tell you what, things were going down hill quickly! After the game, Yosh drove us to this St. Louis creamery called Ted Drewes. Here we have an outsider driving us, without even asking directions or if I wanted to go, to the top ice cream spot after a Cardinals game. How could he have known there is no other way to end a game except for going to Ted Drewes!
Of course, when the date ended, Yosh was off on an airplane the next morning. We had just experienced this incredible date (in Yosh's words... "Arguably the date with the most chemistry" as quoted to Lucas Hales) and we were both left to wonder if, and how, we would reconnect. Thinking about that night gives me goosebumps to this day!

So I want to hear... what is it in your courtship/marriage that gives you the goosebumps? Share those love stories!


  1. Cute story Gay! Sounds like you guys were just meant for each other!

  2. Totally cute, I love hearing how people got together. Another new look for the blog!!

  3. SO gay, Did you go back to STL? or are those pics from the date? I rememeber when you went on the date and you were telling me all about it. If I remember right you liked him alot right of the bat!! Well if those pics are recent your hair is getting long. Looks cute.

  4. Love the story. on our first date, Matt played me his all time favorite song "The Promise" by When In Rome. Whenever I hear that song I get goosebumps.

  5. You guys are super cute, I love it. Jonathan and I met working at Los Hermanos and we now have a booth with our names on it! Going there gives me the bumps!

  6. Oh I love thinking back! Its so fun to hear.

  7. Hey Gay!

    I just found you. dont ask me why it took this long! I will be in Newport next week, so I will give you a call to see if you have time to meet up. I know its a bit of a drive, but you never know!

    Lindsay (GIGI)

  8. Super cute! I got that funny feeling in my stomach the first time Lin said hello to me. A little cheesey, but true.
    I'll have to put the whole story on our little blog some time. Fun idea!


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