Friday, June 8, 2007

The Last Days with the Hickcox's!

So you know when it was like the last week of the semester in college and you feel like you have to take advantage of it cuz everything is coming to an end and it ends up being the most fun week ever? Well that is how this last weekend was with the Hickcox's. We just couldn't get enough of them!! Friday night we played cards thinking that would be the last time we hung out. But oh no, Saturday morning we just couldn't resist a phone call to go do something. We had lunch at this fun place called Marmalade Cafe (you should try it if you are ever in the area... fantastic) and then followed it up with some bowling. We then realized that we only had one Sunday before they left which is our official BBQing day. So they came over for food, yahtzee, and ladder golf along with the Anderson's and the Denke's. The grand finale was Monday evening at this incredibly chic restaurant called "The Little Door." It has no sign, just a little door. It was amazing!! It was so much fun and the perfect way to go our separate ways!! I must admit I was pretty close to shedding a few tears on the way home!! We're already missing you, Sam and Cami!!

Sam showing the boys how to be oh-so-loving!
Farewell to the sad! (Sam actually pulled the sleeping Po out of the crib for this shot!)
This was the Yahtzee crew on Sunday: Cami, Laura, and Carrie. I can't remember who won so it must not have been me!
Dinner at The Little Door


  1. Gay I love the pictures! I havent been able to post mine cause we just arrived today at my parents. I hope all is well! We miss you guys like crazy! Keep us posted on whats new!

  2. All i remember is i came in 2nd place at better than 2 other people

  3. Well, I'm sure you'll miss the Hickcox, but we're glad to have them back in good ole Utah! Let's get together again soon!


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