Monday, June 11, 2007

all about me

1. I love being a mom.
2. Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
3. I hate time commitments... they give me anxiety.
4. Generally speaking, I'm not an anxious person.
5. Tension also makes me anxious.
6. I can't give my husband the silent treatment.
7. He always responds positively when I tell him something that is bothering me.
8. He rarely tells me anything about me that bothers him.
9. We seem to reach that slap-happy tired point almost every night which makes getting ready for bed a lot of fun.
10. He's a better husband and father than I could have ever dreamed of.
11. The longer we're together, the less complaints I have about him.
12. We do something fun as a family almost every Saturday.
13. Maybe I'm biased, but I think my 2 year old can throw a ball farther than any other two year old.
14. Yosh would agree and this is something that makes him extremely proud.
15. When I'm drinking a glass of milk, I love having ice in it so that it is REALLY cold. But you have to drink it kind of fast so that it doesn't get watery.
16. I love putting frozen fruit in my cereal for the same reason. Your milk stays so cold the whole time you're eating your cereal.
17. I love soda. I always think that I should stop drinking it but then convince myself that if I love it there is no reason to give it up.
18. I chew on my tongue subconsciously.
19. I acquired this habit subconsciously by watching my sister, Cali, do it.
20. This drives Yosh absolutely crazy.
21. When I gave birth to Porter, I knew it was the most painful thing I ever experienced. Now I don't remember the pain at all.
22. I don't know for sure, but I think that event was a lot more traumatic for Yosh than me.
23. Porter is worth every notch pf pain I endured... he's just the most precious thing!
24. I say I want 4 kids, but deep down I think I'll have more.
25. I yell at Yosh for driving his car too fast, but when I'm driving it alone, without the kids, I like to drive real fast also.
26. Sometimes I like reading sad things that me cry just for a release of emotion. Fortunately I don't have many sad things happening in my life, but I feel like I still need that release.
27. I cry at a lot of TV shows, even if I only watch it a couple times for a few minutes.
28. I cried watching "Newlyweds" about Nick and Jessica when he sang to her for her birthday!
29. Shows like that are a very guilty indulgence for me!
30. When I would watch Laguna Beach, Yosh would make fun of me so bad every time.
31. I ignored him.
32. I learned this really fun dice game last night and was playing it until 11:30 pm.
33. If I didn't have kids I probably would have played until 3 am.
34. I have somewhat of an addictive personality.
35. I have mostly tamed that characteristic.
36. Sometimes I think my only hobby is going out to eat!
37. Then I remember life before kids....
38. I can't wait to do some of my previous hobbies (ie. volleyball, tennis, soccer, etc) when my kids are older and we can do that together.
39. I'm not a funny person, but somehow I crack my husband up.
40. That makes me feel good.
41. Other people probably wouldn't consider Yosh super funny, but he cracks me up!
42. I prefer a fountain soda over a bottled or canned soda.
43. Mexico's diet Coke's tasted differently than the ones over here and I liked the Mexican ones better.
44. I'm embarrassed to admit that when we went out to eat the other night, they had the Mexican ones and I payed $5 for one. But only one.
45. I am always waiting for Yosh to surprise me with a super-romantic event.
46. I have yet to be surprised.
47. I finally admitted that I wanted a right hand ring.
48. I don't feel near as snotty as I thought I would.
49. I also once finally admitted that I was not a runner and that after 25 years of fighting it, I was ok with that.
50. 2 months later I ran my first half marathon.
51. 5 weeks after that, I ran my second one.
52. I have yet to run more than4 miles since that day and that was over a year ago.
53. I still don't consider myself a runner and, once again, I'm self-conscious about that.
54. I used to write down song lyrics to memorize them.
55. Yosh usually memorizes them after hearing it one time.
56. That makes me really mad b/c he usually listens to talk radio and yet knows words to a lot more songs than I do.
57. I don't ever listen to talk radio even though I tried to convert myself in the past. Not happening.
58. When I was younger my younger brother and I memorized Rob Ace's "It Takes Two", and our older brother always wanted us to perform it in front of his friends.
59. This made me feel good.
60. I used to love wearing tennis shoes.
61. Now I'm all about the flip flops.
62. I really don't like wearing heels.
63. One reason is because it makes me even taller.
64. That really disappoints my husband b/c he's 6'3" and thinks I should wear whatever heels b/c he'll still be taller than me.
65. I think he feels like that's a gift he gave me or something.
66. I think I kind of found my little heaven. I love Southern California, just not specifically where we live right now.
67. I hope my boys learn how to surf.
68. One day I want to buy a beach house.
69. I would love inviting people to come stay with us at our beach house.
70. Entertaining used to make me REAL nervous.
71. I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable with it.
72. I have laughed so hard that I peed my pants.
73. It was probably something that was only funny to me.
75. I never wake up to alarm.
76. I LOVE naps.
77. I almost never nap now, even when I'm on vacation.
78. I think I sing pretty good, especially when I'm harmonizing.
79. The truth is I don't sing good at all.
80. My mom would be VERY upset if she heard me say that.
81. My mom thinks I sing really well.
82. I think Yosh sings pretty good.
83. Most people don't agree with me.
84. Yosh does not think I was at all attractive when I was in high school.
85. My siblings would probably agree with Yosh.
86. I think Yosh has made me a prettier person.
87. I have become a jean snob.
88. I'm okay with that.
89. I used to love, love , love Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares to You."
90. OUr house got robbed when I was in fourth grade and I was so upset b/c they stole our radio and that is the tape that was in the cassette player.
91. My Aunt Gretchen bought that tape for me.
92. I used to steal my sisters' clothes when I was younger b/c they would never let me borrow them. But I always got caught b/c somehow a strand of my curly hair was always on them.
93. Their not sharing has made me a very generous person. I always wanted my little sister to borrow my clothes.
94. I hope to have a house with a pool someday.
95. I love laying out in those mesh rafts... with an ice cold beverage in the holder.
96. I love QT beverages.
97. I love learning but don't like putting a lot of work into obtaining the knowledge.
98. I always think I might go back to school someday. I probably never will.
99. I hope to start a business with my husband one day. I really think we will.
100. I'm more ambitious than I thought... I actually reached 100!


  1. Gabe - that was very amusing. I am at home alone tonight because Becca is at work and I laughed out loud 5 times (plus many chuckles throughout). I wish you guys didn't like So Cal so much - I guess we will just have to come visit you guys. You guys are truly missed.


  3. Hmmm....Dallin can definetly throw a ball, sode IS the bomb especially diet coke, I used to have to have one late in the afternoon to keep me going but now I need one at like 11am! No epidural for Porter? two babies, no epidurals either, definetly worth it though. 4 kids sounds like fun but I think I'll probably stop at 2 (the under achiever thing) maybe a stupid question but what is a QT beverage?

  4. I also laughed out loud, especially at the ones I relate to. I loved to read it to get to know more about you since we don't get to see each other very much. You made a great list!


  6. I just learned so much about you! I loved it. Thanks

  7. Gay I loved it....and I loved how honest you were! and p.s. I think you're really funny!

  8. This definatly made me smile to read! The coke thing in Mexico.. totally agree with you, and I'm the same way always try to be a runner.. but I'm not and always try to give up soda.. and then give back in!

  9. i love still love sinead o'conner's "nothing compares to you"

    lol--pretty funny stuff!


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